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Here2log’s quest for 400/500/600

Just did a bit of benching at home today, still pretty down but better today than yesterday.

Shoulder warmup
Tri rope pulldown 2x15
Bench: 205 3x12
Some chest flies and tri kickbacks


Got in a quick 30-40 min session

13 min walk
Close neutral lat pulldown: 140 3x8
DB Row: 90 3x8
Hammer curls: 20 2x10
Curls: 30 2x8
Low back extension: 3x10

Plan is to run for 15ish minutes tonight, been over a week since I last ran so will probably be rough.


Ended up running a bit over a mile that night.

Walked 3 miles at 3 incline in 50 min Thursday

Hit legs yesterday, squats are still a ways away from being trained and I’m not doing enough volume to get them there quickly but I’m not too worried about it at this point.

10 min walk
Shoulder warmup, some leg stretching, my quads getting stretched helps alleviate knee soreness pretty significantly which is nice.
BS: 135 2x5, 185 x 5, 225 x5,3 275 x 3 (belt), 315 x 3, 335 x 3
RDL: 135 x 8, 185 3x8 (beltless)
Quad extensions: 70 4x15, just pump work essentially

Think I’m going to work back up to where 405 is easy and then get some volume in. Girlfriends resident mates all passed their boards so we had some beers (probably 6 and one cig for me), woke up a little off but we got a 5 mile hike in on a perfect day. Laid around for about 2 hours then went in and hit shoulders.

Seated DB: 60 x 10, 70 x 10, 80 x 10
Lateral/front raises: 10 2x10, 20 2x10
Db shrugs: 40 x 15
Rear delt machine: 70 3 x 15
High cable row: 110 3 x 10

I looked like a tired trainwreck in the mirror but ended up having a decent workout, been throwing in some intermittent pull-ups in each workout, been getting easier.


Jogged about 1.5 miles yesterday evening.

Snuck away from work after lunch and did a quick back/bi session. Hamstrings are still pretty fried so I skipped deads.

1 mile walk
Lat pulldown: 100, 110, 120 x 10
BB Row: 95 x 10, 145 x 10, 195 2 x 10 (the mmc is getting a lot better here)
Back extension: 3 x 10 (will probably start loading these soon, low back is feeling decent)
Straight arm lat pulldown: 70 3 x 10
EZ cable curls: close grip 50 2 x 10, wide grip 50 2 x 10
Hammer DB Curls: 15 x 8, 20 x 8, 25 x 8, 30 x 8, 20 x 10

Hammer curls were performed with enough rest to change weights and shake my arms out, insane pump. Back is starting to feel pretty good at this point, getting easier to accrue both volume and intensity. August is looking to be the first month where I average 10k steps since July 2018.

Will either take tomorrow off or hit a quick bench session, supposed to bail from work a bit early to go fly fishing with my neighbor and her friend. Her friend wants to go up to Salmon River this weekend to try and get a some kings, hoping to tag along and get lucky.


Started warmup for bench yesterday but the gf came home so jogged a bit over 1.5 miles, still slow, still miserable but faster and less miserable than a month ago.

Bench today
Shoulder warmup
Bench: 135 x 10, 5, 205 x 5, 225 x 5, 255 x 2, 295 x 2, 315 x 1, 345 x 1, 355 x 1, 275 5x5
Rope tri pulldown: 50 3x10

Bench felt pretty mediocre today, had no pop but I don’t think I’ve touched over 335 in about 10 months so not surprised the heavy weights felt heavy. Took a video of 355 and it moved much quicker than it felt, I definitely had 10 more in me, maybe 20 judging based on the video. Did some heavier back off, barely got the last rep. Think I’ll do some heavier work (300 +- 30) for the next few sessions and see how I feel.


Jogged about 1.3 miles this evening, plan to go 2.5ish on Sunday unless we get a long hike in or something.

Did 6x5 assisted pull-ups before the jog alternating supinated and pronated.


Took yesterday off, legs were pretty tired and I only slept like 3 hours the night before, still got roughly 10k steps though.

Super light leg workout just now, my hip and knee have been a bit sore with all of the walking, running, and occasional squatting so I just did 5x5 @ 135, going as deep as comfortable and just working through the movement. Did a few sets of 10 BSS and a bunch of stretching. Planning on picking up some distance in running so my squat will probably stay light and poor


Had a very lazy Sunday, back at it today.

One mile warmup walk
Shoulder warmup
OHP: 155 3x8 (last 2 reps on set 3 were push presses, too much triceps not enough shoulder )
Lateral flies: 15 3x15
DB shrugs: 35 3x15
Face pulls: 40 3x15

Felt like a pretty good workout, had eaten a bunch earlier in the day and my stomach handled that and the half scoop of preworkout!

Just got back from a run, it’s been raining all day so the ground was half puddles and I got soaked but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Did 3min run, 1 min walk 3 times and finished with 5 min on. Made it about 1.5 miles.

Think I need more protein, my recovery, sleep and diet have been pretty bad recently.


I also reaIized my otherwise poorly equipped gym has a kabuki duffalo bar and transformer. Going to try and incorporate those into my lackluster leg days

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I always wonder how fancy gym equipment ends up in basic gyms. Maybe via donation? For example, my alma mater’s gym, though it was nice (ended up buying some Rogue equipment in my last year or so there), the only cool free weights stuff there besides the basics was a decent GHR. But for some reason it eventually acquired a couple SSBs – crummy ones, sure, but still. No one ever touched them, so they didn’t last long. Never understood it.

Yea I’ve been in one other that clearly just bought some rogue bumpers and a rack with everything else trash but this one is weirder. Poorly equipped is probably an unfair way to describe it.

Decent amount of machines, terrible benches, one deadlift platform, 3 newer squat racks, couple older ones which are fine, awful bars in half the gym, decent bars in half, a bent axle, a nice Swiss bar, apparently 2 really nice kabuki ones and a really nice rogue belt squat machine lol

I think it must’ve been really shitty but they look like they expanded further back and added some nicer stuff. I’ll snap a few pictures next time it’s not full of college students

Well, limitations breed creativity…?

Sounds like a decent mix at least. A fancy belt squat machine? Wow. The gym I attended pre-pandemic had a belt squat machine, but one of the members made it himself. Is this gym super close to you?

It’s a couple miles away, nothing else is closer. There were a few other options but the only place that looked better is like a 20 min drive through town, which is usually terrible to drive in.

This is the belt squat that they have, I’m the only person I’ve ever seen use it. So nice, so random.


Felt down and dreary this morning, think it’s likely largely contingent on diet. Ate a ton and terribly yesterday, am going to run to the store to get some meat to prep so I can get out of my vicious carb hell that I’m in. A 30+ minute walk this morning helped it shake off some.

Went to the gym around 2, were like 2x as many people as normal so I just walked 2 miles in 34ish minutes at 4% incline, got a sweat going and got some movement in but still wanted to get some lifting in, so hit a back/bi session at home.

Trap DL: 2 x 5, 240, 3x5 330 (no belt)
Straight arm lat pulldown: band x some
Rope curls: 35 3x15
Axle curls: 1 x 25
Assisted pullups: 3x6

Deadlifts took a minute to get into but the last two sets were the best, need to keep doing those and pushing a bit harder than I initially want. Ended up having a pretty active day, will probably run and/or hit bench tomorrow.


GF told me she didn’t want to run about 45 min before we were supposed to, she got stuck at work, so i got some benching in. Wasn’t feeling it going in but had a decent workout, really need to get my discipline levels up. 90+% of the time I feel better after a workout, just need to make myself do it.

Shoulder warmup
Banded chest flies
Banded lat pulldown
Bench: 135 x 10, 5, 205 x 7, 245 x 3, 295 3x4
CGBP: 205 2x10
Tri rope pulldown: 35 3x12
2 mile walk, the sun finally returned!!

Was planning on doing 295 4x4 but the 4th rep of the 3rd set felt real grindy so I called it early and did close grip instead, think it was the right call. Will actually go into the office so I can leave my house tomorrow and run in the evening. Things are starting to feel better lifting again, which is exciting


Awesome dude, for not feeling “good” your bench numbers are still amazing haha


Ha, thanks.

Attribute that to two things.

Feeling “good” doesn’t move weights.

I’m still built like a barrel

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Ran 1.5 miles Thursday took yesterday off and drank about a half bottle of whisky after a long week.

12 min warmup walk
Shoulder warmup
Duffalo squat: 145 2x5, 195 x 5, 235 x 5, 285 5 x 5
3 neutral grip pull-ups lol
Belt squat: 70 x 10, 120 2x10
Lying ham curl: 70 x 15, 110 2x8

Best leg workout in a minute, squats were a bit narrower and started feeling good toward the end, belt squats sucked in a good way. We’ll see if I can run tomorrow…


Ate so much dominos last night, burned at least some of it off today.

3.5ish mile hike with decent elevation gain, not hard by any means but got the heart working.

Went to the store, watched 10 min of football then hit shoulders.

5 min walk
Shoulder warmup
Seated DB press: 25 x 10, 40 x 5, 50 x 5, 70 x 5, 85 x 6, 95 x 6, 100 x 4, 55 x 10
Lateral DB raises: 20 3x10
DB shrugs: 50 3x15
Rear delt machine: 75 x 15, 95 x 12, 115 x 10
Rope high row: 70 x 10, 120 3 x 8

Did 2x6 pull-ups, first and last rep were dead hang some variance on the ones in between but a bit below 90• probably

Been averaging around 11k steps the last 7 days, work capacity seems to be trending in the right direction.


Added my back off set I forgot about to yesterday’s post.

Legs were pretty sore today from the lifting/activity but got in a little over 15 min of running. Also went to the store and bought some ground beef and chicken thighs for lunches this week, committing to decent food is the next step.

Breakfast was a 4 egg omelette with a few oz of Turkey, cherry tomatoes, cheese and salsa
Lunch (split over two meals) was ~.8 lbs of ground beef, peppers, onions, pumpkin, a few spoonfuls of leftover rice with sour cream and salsa

Going to have burgers and chicken thighs with asparagus and some form of potato for dinner probably followed by some dark chocolate

Also, a whisky neat