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Here2log’s quest for 400/500/600

Welcome back, dude. I was just down in your neck of the woods this weekend.

And damn, sorry to hear about your dog man. Love the doggy ice cream picture.

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Nice, down here for work or pleasure? I’m starting to like the region, just can’t wait for the mosquitoes to die!

They’re been bad this year where I am. I’m in a substantially more populated area but the flies and mosquitos have definitely been bad here too. One more month!

I was down there doing some hiking this past weekend. Lots of great trails around there

Yea, been to a few of the state parks and I live right next to some trails too, nice to have nature so accessible. I haven’t ventured too far out of Ithaca (just Syracuse for Costco/bbq) but am heading up to Niagara on Wednesday for the Phoebe Bridgers concert and then Buffalo on Thursday for Hop Along.

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Yeah there’s quite a bit of stuff to do near you, I really like that area.

I’m guessing Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse?

Exactly, someone recommended in back when I was in Seattle. Got it awhile ago so don’t remember exactly what I ordered but it was delicious

Yeah they’re by far the most popular bbq place around here, I absolutely love going there

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I’m sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is so difficult. Glad you’re posting again though.

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Glad you’re still here!

The concerts were great, really have been missing live music. Had to have vaccines for both shows and a mask for the indoors one, which was a bit annoying but still absolutely worth it and definitely the right call.

Girlfriends parents are in town this weekend but I’m going to sneak away tomorrow and Sunday to do some lifting.

I totally missed that – I am a huge fan of Phoebe Bridgers. Nice!

Last month I was at my first show amidst COVID, and it was the best night ever. Masked and proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID test (really think it should be vax only but whatever), and it was no issue at all. The venue commended us for following rules so well. I think live music enthusiasts are so desperate to get back to it that they’ll do anything.

Nice that you’re enjoying the nature out there too. I’ve never been to New York (or anywhere in the NE) and would love to explore it someday.

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Sorry for your loss.
Losing a pet is always difficult. I hope you can find solace in the knowledge that he/ she had a good life with you.

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She was great, it was in a cool outdoor amphitheater too! I saw her in Boygenius a few years ago which I actually liked more (love Dacus’s voice).

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Snuck away from the family after going to the farmers market and got a decent/short leg session in, I’ve lost so much lifting capacity though.

20 min walk
Squats: 135 2x5, 225 x 5,3, 275 x 5, 295 x 5, 225 x 10
RDL: 135 x 10, 205 2x8

Called it there, legs were already feeling exhausted/sore, will try and get some blood in them tomorrow and actually hit them again next week instead of bailing


Logistically, I couldn’t see Phoebe on this tour at the show near me. Sucks because I’ve been itching to see her live for a while now. I don’t really like outdoor venues though, so I don’t feel too bad.

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Thanks, appreciate the reply.

Yea, I’m actually generally with you there. The boygenius show was indoors which helped and the show I saw Thursday night was in a really small venue called Mohawk, in Buffalo. I definitely like Phoebe more than Hop Along but the personal nature of the show that close made it a much better experience than the amphitheater.

I’d still go back to the amphitheater (Artpark) because it was in a cool setting and not too big but definitely appreciate smaller venues.

You’re somewhere in the Midwest, right?

Forgot to reply to the NE bit… I’ve only been around the Finger Lakes so far and they’re beautiful but it rains a metric shit ton in the summer and there are bugs everywhere, so if you come, wait for a freeze maybe? Definitely much prettier and much more accessible than I expected though.

This is about 10 minutes by foot from my townhouse, for accessibility context


Exactly. The pits are bad or nonexistent at many amphitheaters. I commend Phoebe for taking safety precautions, but I generally think the proof of vaccination + masked at all times protocol would have sufficed. Last week someone asked her (online) if he would get a refund if he wasn’t vaxxed, and she destroyed him. It was amazing.


That looks and sounds so nice. I bet you’ll love it mid-October. I think I’m more of a west coast than east coast type of person person, but I’d still like to see the bigger cities up there as well as the nature.

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I think I am too but I am really not sure I can make a fair judgement based on living in Ithaca for 2.5 months as a) it’s not very long and b) i’m not sure Ithaca is very indicative of the rest of the region. Seems likely that we’ll move somewhere west of here at the end of the 4 years though but that’s still a long way off.

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Got a shoulder workout in yesterday

20 min incline walk
Band warmup: facepulls, pull aparts, dislocations
Seated DB press:
70 x 8, 80 x 8, 90 x 8 (tough)
Lateral raises: 15 3x12
Rear delt flies: some x some
DB shrugs: 50 2x15 (pauses at top)
Upright cable rows: 40 3x15

Pretty solid pressing workout, felt good in the gym.

Am completely exhausted today, have been having 3-5 beers a night over the past 4 or so, which isn’t my normal pattern (thank god) but I think it’s weighing on me nonetheless, going to go dry through the workweek, at least, and see if I have any more energy.