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Here2log’s quest for 400/500/600

That’s wild. I even just cut back on drinking and (when I’m not drinking) I feel a million times better. My stomach feels better and I feel more awake and on top of things. Still constantly tired, but less so without alcohol. I never felt like shit when I smoked though, maybe I stopped early enough to where the effects weren’t too bad.

Sorry your in a bad spot man, hopefully you get shit figured out.

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Hope things improve. Seems like we both simultaneously became disillusioned with Juggernaut

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Yea, I think this is my 4th or 5th attempt at running a percentage based program, I just don’t like them. My day-to-day physical wellness is too variable for me to want to do them. Sometimes it feels just right but most of the time it’s too easy or too hard, I’d rather be left in charge of my regulation, for now. I might try a RPE based program at some point but for now I think I’m going to do an upper/lower split taken from one of Thib’s more recent articles on maintaining strength in a deficit. I’m finally feeling close to normal again so I’ll start either today or tomorrow and my gym is open again so that should make it easier to do accessory work.

Plan is something like his suggestion here

  • Monday: Lower Body
  • Wednesday: Upper Body
  • Friday: Lower Body
  • Saturday: Upper Body
    I recommend 4 to 6 exercises per workout for roughly 3 work sets per exercise. (If it’s 6, do 3-4 compound movements and 2-3 isolation exercises.) When given the choice between increasing volume (doing more total sets) and intensiveness (how hard you push each set), I prefer to increase the latter.
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Interesting, didn’t know that since I thought you were running 5/3/1 for a while there. I guess I haven’t read that much of your log then. Hope things are on the up

I ran 5/3/1 for a bit at the beginning of 2020, got off track with COVID, not saying I won’t run another variation at some point, just not now.

I’ve been feeling progressively better the last 3 days, did an upper split today. Was kinda janky but it felt so good to lift.

Bench: 3x5 275
Axle OHP: 3x10 120
Landmine SA press: 3x10 45
Meadows Row: 3x10 45
rope rows: 3x10 90, 1x115
Axle curl: 3x15 50, 3x10 70

Did some band work for tricep and shoulders, mostly just to get warm. Will do pull-ups for my next upper session and a more intense row variation, probably. Glad to be back.