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Well, well, well. It’s been awhile.

It’s time to start a new log here and network with the older meatheads. Part of it is because I haven’t been logging ANYWHERE for about he past year, and I miss it. There’s also the accountability that comes with throwing down your goals in public… one tends to be more motivated.

So here we go.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kent. I’m 44, father of five, engineer, run a group of guys at a fertilizer production complex in western Canada. One-time competitive natural bodybuilder, life-time musclehead, degenerate costuming addict, happy daddy and husband.

Today starts the diet. I’m ending a planned period of over-eating with the goal of this being my LAST run at trying to gain some more muscle. I’m pretty much at my genetic potential (which sucks), but I really REALLY hate being loose and flabby. So I’m excited to get tight again and loose the extra layer.

Tomorrow I’ll put up my “before” photos and measurements. Then all y’all can laugh and throw tomatoes, and follow along as I moan and whine about being hungry whilst I get sexier.


In case you were wondering… this is what I meant when I said “costuming”.

Just a taste…

There goes the neighborhood again! Welcome back



Love your costumes.

welcome back, it’s been awhile.

Sigh. This is actually embarrassing. Here are my “before” photos.

I’m weighing in at 180 lb and waist measurement is 34.5". I’m really not happy with this. But I earned every pound of fat I’m carrying. I was eating at a surplus and deliberately partaking of a lot of junk food. So I know how I got here, and have no one to blame but my own fat ass.

So the plan is in full swing. I’m easing into a fairly aggressive deficit. This week is just cutting out the sugar, and between meal snacking. Next week I’ll start reducing portion sizes, and start a fairly high-density workout plan. I’ve also added in some steady-state cardio, just to burn a few more calories and keep my metabolism up. That I’ll ramp up as the cut progresses.


I relatively new on here, so you don’t know me. I blend in good though. Welcome.

Not a bad starting point. You know what you’re doing. Good luck!


Glad you are back buddy… You will appreciated

where me and the boys went to a few weekends ago.

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Very nice! I went to a neat little convention a couple weeks back too!

By chance did you and the wife celebrate International Womens day this year?:smiling_imp:

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So this ends the first week of getting back “at it”. Some random observations:

  • No matter what kind of “diet” I’m doing, when I’m in a deficit I get bad breath. I’m not even doing keto.
  • I’ve developed a wicked GI intolerance to whey protein. And I work out first thing in the morning. So without any kind of practical pre-workout nutrition I’m literally training fasted. Not surprisingly this is impacting performance.
  • Well, I’m also 44, and that seems to be impacting performance too.
  • I am getting in the habit of going to yoga class with my wife to keep limber. I can understand how doing this regularly will benefit my overall health. but good GOD I hate it.

And here’s another fun fact. Exactly four years ago TODAY I placed third in my first and last bodybuilding contest.

Great to have you back… Hey, how are the twins doing?

Good to see you back.
will be following

Well here is how the twins are doing…

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And here is how the other twins are doing…

This was for Star Wars movie night at the local arena. We go all out in my house.

Thanks for the greetings, all. I have fond memories of the verbal abuse and sexual innuendo.

Well I’m glad I already labelled this week as “easing in” to the diet. Because the weekend didn’t go as planned. My parents are down to visit, and that always messes with my routines. They’re wonderful and I love them and they mess up my routines. It’s also a long weekend and the gym hours are fucked.

Long story short. I haven’t lifted since Friday and yesterday there may have been some stress eating. Specifically cake. And there may be more today. Not stress eating, just cake.

But the good thing is, tomorrow is the start of a new week. Meals are prepped and in the fridge. I’ve got my new routine planned out. There will be low rep dreads, bench and squats aplenty. Time to give 'er shit.

But first, cake.


Starting it slow and easy. After six months of higher volume training, I ain’t really worked heavy for awhile.

Sumo - 6x6 275
1 leg Romanian deadlifts - 4x8 105
A1 Swissball curls - 4x13
A2 reverse hypers - 4x10
Hamster wheel - 15 mins