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Here We Go


First a little about myself:
18 years old college football player for a division 3 college. Going into Sophmore year. Weight is currently 210, im 5'10. Had arthiscopic elbow surgery in December then Umbilical hernia surgery in April. Just startign to get my strength back almost there.

Current best lifts:
Bench 275x4 (yesterday)
Ohp standing 195x2
Squat 405x3
Hang Clean 185x2

Yesterdays lift:
135x10 185x8 225x6 245x4 275x4
225 eccentric portion 5 seconds pause 1 second-6 reps

incline Dumbell press
90's-8 100's-6 110's-4

Flat db
80's 2x12

Cable Flies

Crazy 8 arm circutx4
tri pushdown
rope cable curls
ez bar curls
ez bar tri extensions
hammer curls
tricep dips on bench

Stomachs still a little swollen dont know why took off 4 weeks without doing anything gonna start wearing a belt every day. sorry for the long post just wanted to put some background out there.


Shoulders and Triceps
Standing OHP
135x8 155x6 185x1 135xfailure

Dumbell Millitary press
80x7 90x3 70x11

Front raises
25x8 40x8 50x8

Rear delt flies
25x10 30x10

Rope pushdown

Dumbell skullcrushers

Single arm pushdown

All in all good day for myself. energy felt good. easily could have gotten 4th rep on the 90's but decided against it. Mainly just doing this log to let myself know where my numbers were and what excersises i was doing