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Here We Go Again...


Do you think Israel will pussy out again and bow to outside pressure to be nice and allow these nimrods in Gaza to keep lobbing rockets at them? I think probably.


Well, they're just acting in self defense, don'tcha know. The world just needs to feel their pain. group hug


Yeah that's right, they suffered a Holocaust, you know. Everybody should feel sorry for a group of people that base their national homeland "rights" (ha!) on tablets and scripture written thousands of years ago.

It'd be a better day in the Middle East if Israel packed up and marched into the Red Sea.


The same could be said about the arabs you know.


I sypathize with Palestinians, and I think they got a raw deal.
I support Israel in it's defense of it's peoples property and land.
I don't support aggressive action by Israel.

Am I the only fucking person who is capable of doing this? Why must I be anti-Israel if I sympathize with Palestine?

Oh, and in this particular case, Israel has the right to defend themselves. When everyone wants to kill you and most people in the region don't recognize your right to exist, a tiny bit of force is acceptable to me. Not that they're infallible, they've killed many innocents before. But infallibility does not equate to evil.


Not the ones who were displaced in 1948, thanks to the Bowel Movement (Oh sorry, I mean the UN). That land is theirs, fair and fuckin' square, just as it had been prior to 1948.


Prior to 633, they held only Arabia. Maybe the world would be better if all the Arabs marched back into there.


It's Israel's (and alot of American Jews that I can see as well) use of victim mentality. That's why you'll be labeled a "terrible Anti-Israeli" if you disagree even slightly with the Zionist state.

The media bashes ANYONE here in the US if they support Palestinians. The media is so completely biased towards Israel that a person isn't even allowed to speak in public (in most cases) without the news cameras showing up and a group of protestors waving signs that say "6 Million How many More?". It's quite ridiculous.


THAT'S IT! Everybody into the Red Sea. We'll call it "The Massive Pool Party of Peace".


You do realize, however, that Palestine, while they did get a raw deal, haven't exactly been good about the whole thing. They're not getting the land back, and they need to fucking deal with that. They refuse to share it. As of now, the violence is mostly their fault. If Israel was attacking to prevent a Muslim population from entering its citizenery, that would be totally wrong and I'd never support it.

But still, I really, really wished the Zionists had chosen Argentina over the only place in the world where they're more hated than they were in Nazi Germany. Seriously, they were offered land for basically nothing, they're own state in perfectly farmable land in Argentina. No, they had to follow their religion and return to Israel by force... gah...


If anybody has a victim mentality it's the palestinians.


Damn, you know I never really realized how many people really hate Jews. Really, I do not know why.


I used to feel like you.

However, that was MANY, MANY, MANY instances of terrorists targeting and killing people in the market, weddings, etc.

Employing terrorism with the sole purpose of killing innocents (no military production/members/equipment anywhere near) invalidates your cause.

This isn't aiming at military/militia/terrorist leadership/equipment and killing civilians. This is direct targeting.

It can't be justified.

Therefore, Israel gets the lion's share of my sympathy.



Well said. I agree with this totally. I had a lot of sympathy for the Palestinians in two lengthy occasions and both times the terrorist acts against Israel changed my mind. One was the invasion of Lebanon and the attack at the Palestinian camp there, the other was at time of the Oslo accords. The Palestinians had the opportunity to step to the plate and show the world their cause, and in each case resorted to terrorism and mindless killing.


The Arabs lob a rocket, the Israelis open fire on protestors.

Fuck the jews, fuck the arabs. They're both stupid unrelenting groups that won't give an inch.


Definitely - especially when you add in the cottage industry of revisionist history that accompanies their situation.

There was no "Palestinian crisis" until Arab nations encouraged the people there to leave when Israel showed up only to close their countries to the masses of "Palestinians" that arrived at their collective doorstep. The Arab nations manufactured a "crisis" by duping the poor Palestinians into a state of homelessness only to then use it as a pretext to whine about "Zionist imperialism keeping Palestinians off of their rightful land!" If the Arab nations truly gave a damn about the plight of the Palestinians, they would welcome the refugees into their countries without reservation.

But Arab nations need to substantiate a grievance with Israel - so the "crisis" continues unabated.

I actually feel sorry for the small minority of Palestinians who want an independent state and have no issue with Israel existing. They are a miserable people doomed to be pawns in the game of anti-Israeli barbarianism. But that is a small minority - and the victim card has been played by the rest like they invented it.


The above post was brought to you by Abraham Foxman, and the Dept. of Touchy-Feely.