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Here We Go Again

Little back ground: I used to lift 5 days a week and swim six days a week. Then college, 2 kids 18 months apart, and 80-100 hour work weeks happened. Kids are now in school and I make my own work schedule so I have been thrilled that I can make it back to the gym! My goal is to tone up and drop some weight. I can thank my dad for my high metabolism, because even with taking almost 3 years off from the gym & being stuck behind a desk for 2 years I am the same size if not a little smaller than before I had kids.

I am 5’ 7" and 150 lbs. Goal is to get back down to 135 lbs and tone up. To do this I am doing cardio 6 days a week and weights 4 to 5 days a week. I say 4 to 5 days a week because I lift 4 days a week on my own, but also take a BootCamp class at my gym & sometimes the class includes lifting, but is mostly cardio.

Since I want to tone, I keep my weights a at 65-70% of my max weight and do 4 sets of 12. I do not rest between sets, instead I go from one lift to another and back again until all 4 sets of each lift is complete. For example: Squats, Bench, Weighted Calf Raises, Curls or Dead Lift, Shoulder Shrugs, Weighted Lunges, Head Bangers. I choose my lifts by what equipment is close together in the weight room and work my way across the room so I am not in anyone’s way and they aren’t in mine.

For cardio I do 2 miles on the eliptical with resistance as fast as I can trying each time to either meet or beat my previous time (4 times a week). I do the eliptical because I am not a runner never have been, but put me in a pool and I’ll swim all day. I also swim for 1.5 hours once a week, step aerobics twice a week, and as soon as my new bag is here I will also do kick boxing twice a week. (I couldn’t duct tape my bag up anymore so had to order a new one) I throw in cardio dvd’s during the week so I don’t get bored. I love lifting, but cardio to me is boring!

I am always looking for creative ways to make my muscles sore! Have a creative or wacky lift or cardio move let me know!

It has been a while so my weights are not where I’d like them to be, but I will get them back up where they belong.

I will start adding my workouts next Week.

Those are good, realistic goals.

be sure to add your dietary changes in here as well, if you can

Glad to have you in here~