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Here We Go Again!

Well, here we go again. I come to you brothers and sisters a mere shadow of the man I once was. This post is a plea for help. In my 20’s I did the whole eat everything not nailed down, lift as heavy and as many times as possible and a hell of a lot of performance enhancers, the result?

I was huge, 6 foot 5, 270 lbs and around 10-15% body fat at various times. Then I had a bad wreck and screwed my back. It took me 3 years to be able to lift again and by then the fire had died and I never got started again. Now at 41 I want and need to get it together.

I have the knowledge of how to be a 20 something juiceball that can pile on the muscle, but I am ignorant of how to sort out the chubby middle aged man I now am. Basically I can read 101 different magazines, books etc, but that won’t teach me what I need to know, and that is what works for my peers?

Any advice in lifting, cardio or diet would be greatly recieved. I am about 275 lbs and about 24% bodyfat. Any ideas?

You sound like the perfect candidate for Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program. It’s almost a cliche by now to tell someone to do this program, but it really encompasses pretty much all you need to know for a long-term lifting solution. Get the e-book from the Elite Fitness website.

And check out Paul Carter’s strength blog (not allowed to link), he is a friend of Wendler (so similar philosophies) who answers specific questions in a weekly Q & A.

Thanks for the advice, what is 5/3/1? Don’t want to get the e book if anyone knows any articles or can explain it to me. Reading T-Nation is showing me how much lifting has progressed since my day. I feel like a total newbie, just in an older body…
I am prepared to do the work its just I know that what I used to do is worthless information for my metabolism now.