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Here we go again . . .

  1. Canada Moves to Recall Products Containing Ephedra
    Ottawa: Health Canada requested a recall of all products containing high doses of the dietary supplement ephedra, also known as ephedrine, because it poses a serious risk to health,'' government officials said. Ephedra, commonly used in weight-loss preparations or for increased energy, has been linked to heart problems and death, Canadian regulators said. Products containing it are made by companies including Twinlab Corp., Weider Nutrition International Inc. and Herbalife International Inc. Health Canada said the voluntary recall affects ephedra products with more than 8 milligrams per dose, those that combine ephedra with other stimulants such as caffeine, and products labeled for weight loss or stimulant effects.There have been over 60 Canadian adverse drug reactions reported for products containing ephedra and ephedrine,’’ said Brian Gillespie, a senior medical adviser with Health Canada’s bureau of pharmaceutical assessment. ``These reactions have included abnormal heart rhythms, psychotic reactions, seizures, heart attacks and death.’’