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Here We Go Again: Favre Retiring



Maybe he will this time and re-register at Hatisburgh High to be their quarterback...


Lol, he has his timing down with those kids for sure. I just think it is funny. I will give him props for the TV commercial.


Yea, I liked that commercial ... you're talking about the Sony(?) TV one(?)


I would put my money on him not coming back if the retirement rumors are true. Sup Polo? Wheres Willis?


Love football, but don't really care about this drama.

I'm much more excited to watch the Hall of Fame game this weekend.


It was time for a change ... something you don't know anything about judging from your shirt..





Agreed, I just thought would be a good thread to either rip on him or rip on the guys who hug his nuts.


Yea shows some balls to actually make fun of yourself.


While I really enjoy watching the games on ESPN and their commentators do a pretty good job, especially with College football (not so much Monday night NFL games),

their reporting can suck it man.

Favre basically embarrassed a whole branch of their network last year because they greedily aired shit they didn't fully have their hands wrapped around. They'll let the rumor mill spin and spin on some stories and other stories get shut down with the quickness depending on how it makes them look. (Like the Lebron James in Vegas story last week.)

Anyways, I'll trust ESPN reporting about as far as I can throw them. They're a shady organization, they run Bristol like it's fucking Caligula, and their on-air personalities have zero personality.

They should stick to fact based stories, like giving me scores and stats, and leaving stuff like the Favre saga the fuck alone until the first snap of the season.

They lost a pretty loyal and religious viewer in me over the last few years, and it's because of this shit right here. I don't want the "TMZ Sports Edition" dammit, I just want sports.



I agree, http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8197bc66/article/reports-favre-informs-vikings-officials-he-will-retire


yea man, I read that shit on my NFL news app on my Droid X while I was taking my post-lunch shit ...



Just like every other year, I'll believe it when I don't see #4 on the sidelines.


Lol, again I just think it is at the point of being ridiculus. And Brad I stopped watching ESPN a while back. NFL network is about the only thing I can watch. Only thing I watch on ESPN is college football Gameday.


Now that was a sentence with some detail polo, only thing missing was the brand of toilet paper and liquid vs. foamy soap.


^I don't know what they buy for work in terms of t.p. and it was liquid "Equate" from Wal-Mart


Good riddance is all I can say. I get sick of hearing about how he's the greatest qb of all-time. Yeah, he's one of the greatest, but in my mind Joe Montana is still The Greatest. I know Favre has all the records, but the nature of the game is that the QB is measured in terms of postseason success and Favre can't even approach Montana in that respect.

The QB position isn't like being a baseball player or even a running back in which total numbers are the measure of greatness. QB success is measured by postseason performance and Favre just doesn't stack up against the likes of Montana or Brady.

Since 1998, he's 4 and 8 in the postseason with a passer rating of 77.8. The last half of his career he was by far the most overrated QB in the league. He would have been branded a choke artist in any other city. Whereas Montana's lasting legacy in the postseason will be his clutch performance down the stretch against the Bengals and the absolute shellacking he put on Denver the next year (the top-rated defense in the AFC that year), Favre's is tied to his boneheaded interceptions.

I'm glad he's gone now so we won't have to see Merril Hoge and Ron Jaworski suck his fucking dick on NFL Live anymore. He threw more interceptions in the postseason than games played, whereas Montana never threw an interception in 4 Super Bowls with a career postseason rating of 92 or 93 and Favre's was almost ten points lower.

He hasn't been one of the greats in the game for ten years. Yeah, he had a great year last year, but it ended on a boneheaded pass, and so did the last good year he had before that in 2007.