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Here We Go! 5'11, 197 and Growing!


Tell me what you think... Let's hear it!

Edit: Sorry just read on the rules to put stats etc. up also. I am currently getting into Dave Tate's Time Under Tension workout for a real mixup from my typical Bodybuilding splits along with the 5x5 heavy weight routines. I am doing my best to stick to my 4500-5000 calorie plan at a 50/30/20 ratio of carbs/protein/fat. My stats are listed below...

Height: 6' 0" (1 m 83 cm) Waist: 34" (86.36 cm)
Weight: 195 lb (88.6 kg) Thighs: 25" (63.50 cm)
Bodyfat: 7.0 % Calves: 16.5" (41.91 cm)
Chest: 48" (121.92 cm) Forearms: 15" (38.10 cm)
Arms: 18" (45.72 cm) Shoulders: 55" (139.70 cm)
Hips: 39" (99.06 cm) Neck: 16" (40.64 cm)


Here a couple more shots also...wheels shot to come.








you're a fucking beast kid, good god damn work.

If I was to nitpick I would say work on your lateral delts, but still, you look damn good.


nice squiggly on the right delt.


Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad to hear you mention the anterior delts because I agree...really been focusing on them in this new program of mine. Thanks again!


Damn nice job. You look heavier than 195


Awesome job dude, just out of curiosity, what do your lifts look like?


195? Dude you look way heavier...

Is that why you aren't showing your legs you cheeky bastard =)


I would have guessed at least 230 but nice work man.


You have got to be wrong about your size. Are you measuring yourself?

You look great man, but you look a lot bigger then you're stats. Except for me having 2" smaller waist and 2" larger legs, we share the same measurements, but you look so much thicker than me. And I'm 213.


Looking very good and dense, I'm curious what your lifts are though. One rep max's on bench press, back squat, deadlift? Or any other big numbers I'd really like to see.


I agree. I am 5'11, 195-7 also. My legs and hips are 1" bigger, but you've got me everywhere else. I'm around 12-14% BF too. Still, looking solid!


You look a lot heavier than what your weight would imply, if you don't mind asking could we get a rough snapshot of your daily meals or some guidelines you follow?


Just curious, did something happen to your right pectoral? Seems disproportionate to your right. Good shit though keep it up. Respect.


I'm calling bullshit on either the height or the weight. No fucking way your that thick at 6'0 without weighing at least 230 pounds. I am 6'1, no where near that thick on anything, not really fat either-and I weigh 215. Also, just because I'm calling you a liar doesn't mean I'm not respecting you at the same time :wink:


I normally don't get into accusations either but that's not what 5'11, 197 lbs looks like (albeit genetic freaks who look much bigger than they weigh). You do look more like you should be 235 lbs or so at nearly 6 foot. The other thing that makes me suspicious is I feel like I've seen every single one of these pictures somewhere before.


Shouldn't it also be a red flag that he grew an inch between posting the title and writing the first post?