Here to Lose the Weight I've Gained Over the Past 12 Months

For the past year I’ve let life take the lead on my training. I’ve stopped training all together. I need to get back to it, but its been difficult to get the motivation I once had. (I’ll work on it though). My goal to start off is to lose the body fat I’ve accumulatted during the past 12 months, and re-build the muscle subsequently.

I’ve been checking out Biotest supplements, and looking for any advise I could take advantage of. I’m a big guy already, 5’-8" approaching 300 lbs, transformation is what I need to do. Thanks

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At 5’8 and 300lbs, beyond supplements, eating HABITS are what need to be established.

What are you eating and when are you eating it? Can you give a breakdown of what you ate yesterday?


We can definitely help get you on the right path.

Would you mind detailing what your current diet is like? Have you made changes already?

What does your workout program look like?


I’m a early riser, I’m usually out of bed at 3 am and try to get to bed by 8 pm. Yesterday morning I ate 2 breakfast sandwiches, tea. For lunch ham sandwich with cranberry juice and for dinner stir fry beef, broccoli, white rice and potato salad with juice. I have the worst sweet tooth which I eradicate completely if that even possible.

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The more effort you put into asking the question, the more effort we can give in helping you. “2 breakfast sandwiches” gives me little info. This could mean an English muffin with an eggwhite, or 2 12" meatball subs.

Is there a reason you are drinking juice?

Do you have any snacks?


I’m really only jumping in to say “do whatever @T3hPwnisher says” on this one. You’re in dangerous territory, my friend.

While working with him to get a plan together, I would do the following today:

  • Walk
  • No caloric beverages

Start getting that down right now and he can help you layer in the right habits like bricks.


All of these are great points, but maybe I can offer a bit more advice. For one you should definitely create a “cut off” time. I usually stop eating around 9:00pm BUT if you feel that’s not something you want to do, definitely watch your portion size. Cut down how much sweet stuff you eat in a week, maybe eat dessert only twice a week( 3 times tops) cus sugar definitely=fat…oh and so does bread. Also exercise every day. If you need to start off slow, maybe 3 days out if the week but be sure to up the anty after at least two weeks. Personally I work out at home either at night or, in the morning for an hour. Also be sure about which parts of your body you want to target with article. Personally I workout my entire body but, my main issue has always been my midsection…which i’ve come to find that’s what people notice first (since it’s the largest part of your body). In my oursuit

you can do it bro, just be patient