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Here to Give Advice, Test+Eq Cycling Ideas


I came on here awhile back, i can tell by my profile pic being right when started lifting and was like 165 and a few % BF - The dudes on here are just the biggest strokes out there and couldnt be normal and give good advice to me. instead acted like the fact they knew something about gear made them special.

like children not realizing what a homo you sound like talking about gear as if you are some dr or some shit because all you do is research gear and lift weights, i found it halarious that these few dudes were jealous of me ! haha i started lifting for real months before pic was taken , and i guess cause these idiots dont know how to lift and they carry 20%bf all year around all puffy and bloated looking, they are that dude and his buddies at the gym!

ahah you know the guys who wear there tight shirts with like fucking little angel wings on it and have there tribal tat's on their arm , almost identical to the other 12 fags trying to look tough and "big" in the mirror.

well these are the guys who run this website.. they obviously dont gte it that everyone thinks they are rediculous , i can see everyone of the dudes at my gym who are like this right now. and everysingle one of them stares at me and asks me "how u get so cut" blah blah blah--- maybe its because you use d-bol for absolutley no reason, or to much test exc exc.

anyways i am posting this to be seen by anyone who wants to know more about gear than just what these duesches say. such things as bridging your cycles , how to get the best out of your workouts along with your cyckle and the goals you set- how to actually get good looking and not fucking fat -

i started lifting in 08' 3 months before this pic was taken , i was 165 no bf barely- now im 192 and maybe a tiny bit more fat but still like 5-7% -but i eat strickley friend foods and junk foods only for last 8 mnths.
all of my advice comes from experience, the truth is all the talk about hcg and tmox and all these other products are not needed in most cases and also the wasted way they are used-

they're are ways to gain 25 lbs of muscle consistantley w-out adding a gut and a bloated face. if you are someone who is looking to make real solid gains on a regular basis i can lead you the right direction. if you dont want to talk to the guys on here who really only know how to type + be puddgy LOL -

and to those guys im talking about, workout or somthing , situps possibly? stop tellin other people they are stupid when you just give out advice you could look up anywhere- genius


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Tell me how to add 25lbs consistently yo. I don't wanna be pudgy no more and I don't want a gut or bloated face......


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He does have one good point though, there are some elitists jerks in here who think they're the shit and know it all!


ok , ok i will slow down with my typing i apologize for that. Also what i am saying is not some miracle , 25lbs over 24-36months comes out to about 1 lb/month. I'm gonna take some pics of myself tonite and some of gf to put on the apposing female website.

And hope to get some new ideas and good advice for her and myself for the future, one thing i have learned forsure is their are a million different ways of training and supplementing , but in the end each of us have a very unique chemistry and mental make-up (not to mention different desires and goals).

I believe for what my goals are (slow consistant growth) while maintaining as lean as possible a physique while trying to put on weight. so in saying that , their is a dramatic difference between wanting to "get shredded" and "stay shredded + gain" so depending on what your goal is , will obviously determine your routine and diet. the truth is gear isnt really needed to do this if you havent yet "endulged" (lol)- it is more difficult to do dont get me wrong, but possible.

the key to changing your physique and its composition completly in my opinion is 75% the way in which you are training. All you get from mags and alike are basic routines anyone can just sit and write quick

  Chest- incline bench 4 sets - warmup/15 reps/13reps/10reps/8reps (weight pyramiding)

and so on and so fourth, but to me that is just so basic and doesnt tell you a thing about the intensity needed and the supersetting that is needed to really chesil out detail. The numbers of reps and sets to me are rediculous in a way, seeing as sometimes i get to 100 leg lifts and am not burnt (not gonna stop!) doing 3 exercises and the only thing you do is a few more reps with a bit less rest inbetween sets.

what these mags and ppl are not telling you is they do so many more sets and reps than that when they are cutting, you need to be doing 5-8 sets of a particular muscle supersetted with pushups or situps or pullups in order to really get your metabolism kicking. you need to be not counting your reps you need to be lining up 2-3 diff exercises and go from one to the other alternating or stay on one for 5 sets then to the other and then start to alternate... but most importantly you do not really need to break, you want it to almost rival your cardio in way you are breathing heavy and sweating hard. i cant go on forever...

the gear part of it is also important and i do believe cycling the right things in the right amount can give you results at a slow pace , that is also healthy and great looking. i know its tough to admit but pretty much nobody in here (except for a few guys) are ever going to be massive and 2%bf - but i do believe everybody can be 3-5%bf and be whatever their body is when it is "shredded" - if anybody wants to talk in detail about things as i would need to write a novel just about the intensity and the mental mind-set to go into an actual crazy workout i.e- 30 sets a bodypart, 1000's of reps (thats what pros do) thats what they can not suggest in a mag because people will say its suggestive to kids and people to be unsafe.

i am sorry my typing is so shitty, i havent been in school in a # of years now , and am a carpenter lol , so not much practice on the keyboard

thanks again


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