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The torture these women-slash-men mix put us through. I'm sorry. I respect gays. I respect all races. I can even understand religious people. But- please- if you're a man, and you're a MISS little goody two shoes- would you be so kind as to just fuck off?
 Why am I whining about men/woman hybrids? Sure they're just people. They're even nice. And caring. But deep down inside, this new race, men/womenese, have a whole different plan. So deep, so dark, one would shiver just to think someone could be so cruel. Their plan? To turn everyone else into a god-fearing, pleasing, courteous, sex-starving, gutless, happy-lucy damsel. Oh the terror!<P>
 So where exactly the fuck is this coming from? Recently my company hired someone to help me with my job. This 'thing' has got to be the stupidest, most moronic thing i've ever seen. All that's missing is a fuckin skirt. He calls me every five minutes and tells me he has a problem. His problem? there's two files with the same name. Nevermind one read 'page 1 of 2', and the other 'page 2 of 2'. This pussy comes into my office and starts whispering in my ear about how delightful the company meeting was, and how much he learned. Must resist..... Dont know how much loonger i can hold off! I could make fun of this pussy all fuckin day long without getting tired. If there ever was a eunuch with a perfect zero testosterone levels, this is it. Any girl I know could literally obliviate this sissy. Heck, I've seen people with mental retardation problems who were 10 times smarter and with more guts than he is. Sorry, just had to spill my guts out. I'm sure you'll understand where Im coming from.

can you say roid rage?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s fucking great! What a hoot! Man, your office is about to be more fun each day!

Roid rage. Huh I guess I can.

Be encouraging, be instructive, provide motivation and direction. In other words, GO DRILL SERGEANT ON HIS ASS.
“Oh, D. I have a problem.”
“Yeah. Which One.”
“I Don’t know…”
“Son, did your moma have any childern that lived?”
You get the idea.
Best of Luck.

Is “obliviate” a word…?

Char, calm down! There’s no need to get out the Webster’s dictionary. I assume he meant to say something along the lines of, ‘Any girl I know could literally send this sissy to oblivion’. Before you go on to dissecting my post, may I just state that there has not been any scientific evidence to prove that an ‘oblivion’ exists, therefore how can one send someone there? I know this, and I don’t think this thread should be taken very seriously.


 I meant obliterate, but I'm sure you guys caught that...right?

Regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, individuals such as the one you’ve described are desperately in need of a good shot to the skull followed by a triangle choke-out.

MBE: “Violence begets silence because KTFU = STFU. Since 1903.”

 For example, just today, this guy stops me in the hallway while going to a company party, with an incredibly baffled look that would resemble what Einstein might have looked like before he came up with his unified theory, and goes 'Your royal majesty the king, Should I take my glasses with me to the party?'
I wanted to tell him it's his eyes, and I couldnt care less if he can see or not. I just told him he shouldnt take his glasses as it would offend the company's president who had fired two employees in the last year alone after he caught them wearing glasses at work.

He then proceeded to follow me to the bathroom because he thought I was on my way to the party. Whatever the hell happened to common sense? Roid Rage doesnt compare to how nuts this man/woman hybrid drives me!
Oh, and the ‘your royal majesty the king’ might have been a slight exageration.

If you are in or near Indianapolis, I’ll gladly take Bowflex boy’s job.

If you have a Testosterone t-shirt, I wonder how he’d feel if you wore it to work…

Why don’t you just have him fired? Did they read his resume before they hired him? There are plenty of good quality candidates out there looking for a job, especially since the economy is so bad. Note down his incompetence, so if one day he sues you for unfair dismissal, you will have a lot of evidence to back yourself up.


“Violence begets silence because KTFU = STFU. Since 1903.” lol thats the shit bro.

Thanks, bro! It actually isn’ mine, I got it once in a fortune cookie and was saving it for just such an occasion.

MBE: “Aim away from face. Since 1395.”

You’re an asshole Diesel. Lay off the roids.

I AM an asshole. Thanx for noting though.

Now we know where that fruitloop “NonAmerican” works!