Here it Is???

I have significantly expanded my knowledge base thanks to you guys, (particularly prisoner22, and Mike), and I have set up my next cycle which I plan to do in march. I wanted to run it buy you guys and see what you think. Again, I know you have helped me much already, but any further help would be greatly appreciated.

Here it is???

Week 1 - 3

Tren ------------------- 75 mg every other day
Winstrol depot ---------- 50 mg every other day
Anavar ------------------- 25 mg every day
Proviron ------------------- 25 mg every day

Week 4-5 PCT

Clomid -------------------- 100 mg every day
Nolvadex ----------------- 10 mg every day

Week 7-10
Off completely
Perhaps some Alpha Male and Methoxy-7.

Week 11 ? 13
Tren ------------- 75 every other day
Primo depot ------------ 300mg first day of week 11, and 200mg first day of week 12
Winstrol depot ---------- 50 mg every other day
Proviron ----------------- 25 mg every day

Week 14 ? 15 PCT

HCG ---------- 1,000 i.u. injected on m, w, f, sun, on week 14 only. total (4,000 i.u)
Clomid --------- 100 mg every day
Nolvadex ------- 10 mg every day

Obviously my intent is to put on some quality lean muscle tissue, while SHREDDING up and getting strong. I also do not like the use of T3 and clen, for they make me feel like shit. So I want to use AAS along with a great diet to educe fat loss. The duration has been dramatically reduced, for I am virtually ?on? for only 6 weeks. Further more, my dosages have been reduced, I am taking an average of ( 750mg of ASS a week, I am 5?11?, 216 lbs @ about 10-11% body fat). The compounds I have chosen fit my goals of fat loss and quality muscle gain, and the fact that I do not want any estrogen. Initially I wanted to do a 6-8 week cycle but I decided to try this set up instead. One of my concerns is that Proviron, at 25 mg a day might not be enough, should that be pushed up to 50 mg a day? Also, since I have used HCG in the past. I thought I limit the use to only after the second 3 week blitz. For I figure only 3 weeks on, would not warrant the absolute need of HCG. I may change that however, any thoughts? Also I have not used HGH for a long time, and after what you guys have said about it, I don?t think I am going to either. I just really want to get as lean as I once was. I hope that once this 15 week endeavor is done I could be at 215 at about 5% body fat. That would mean an approximate gain of 12 pounds of muscle and a loss of 12 pounds of fat. I am going to make my diet perfect, but I don?t know if I will get this goal. Also I wanted to know if Proviron will counter the effectiveness of Propecia? And some one told me that he does not count Proviron in the total mg of ASS because it does not have much anabolic effects, only androgenic. I do not agree with this for I DID count my Proviron dosage as part of the whole, but I have learned that I?ve been wrong before, so hence I ask what you guys feel about that. Any way, please critique my cycle if you get a chance, for any further information would be of great benefit to me, and well appreciated.

Thank you all for your help.


i like the way it looks,and am planning to do several short cycles myself. the ones i put together are almost the same as what you have except for the follwing: i would bump the anavar up to 40 mgs a day since its only for 3 weeks. the primo has a 1/2 life of about 10 14 days, so i would do 600 mg day 1 (300 in am 300 in pm) then 200 mg to 300 mg eod through day 7. this way you get a fair amount into your system,and it should be gone when you start pct,on day 21.
these short cycles seem to be the trend lately. let usknow how things go…

Looks ok. but I would bump the proviron up like you said, and personally i would do ed injects of winstrol depot. You will gain but don’t be disapointed it you do not reach your goal on these two cycles. Also becarefull with your dieting during pct as this is the absolute worst time to diet if you are interested in keeping muscle mass.

Is the hcg necessary?