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Here It Is, Cycle Critique?

My gear is on it’s way. I got:

4 test cyp 200mg/ml
4 eq. 250mg/ml
250 10mg turinabol pills
360 10mg ibutamoren pills
50 1mg arimidex
50 clomid
50 nolvadex
2 vials hcg

Here’s my plan:

1-16 test 300mg
1-16 eq 600mg
2-6 tbol 30 to 50mg
7-14 proviron 50mg
15 -17 tbol 30 to 50mg
1-16 ibutamoren 10 to 25mg

Just had bloodwork done looks good test isn’t done yet should be back in a day or 2.

I’m on week 7 of a cutting cycle too. No gear. 1200 call a day 1hr 30 min cardio split morn evening. Plus daily weight training. I’m on day 53 haven’t taken a day off. I’m gonna feel like a God when I start this

Thats pretty damn low. You must feel like shit.

I wont comment on the cycle, i havent used most of what you have suggested.

I’m at 1300 now I threw in an apple. Well I dropped carbs out and a few days later the world wasn’t a fun place. So I battled it for a week. It was working but i thought I’d be rebellious and have a green apple with lunch lol. I ain’t never had abs and I’m a little dude so it pisses me off I’m really trying here. 900 calories on an elliptical every morning fasted Weights 3 days on one off. Night cardio after weights 15minjog and 15 brisk walk uphill 15 degrees nordic.

I dont feel like a ball of energy no. But my lower abs are still hidden. This is week 7 day 2. Smh

43 5’5" 147lbs. I was 158 when I started. I cant even figure out what my body fat is. Biggest I’ve been was 176 and I was a tank. Alot if water from test dbol.

I don’t think you have been eating 1300 calories and burning 900 calories every morning consistently. You might be able to do that for a week maybe two weeks. I would lose 6-8 lbs a week on that protocol (with a lot of it being muscle). I think the most likely thing is you are overestimating calories burned and underestimating calories eaten.

Well my calorie count is dead accurate on the eating…

1 whole egg 5 egg whites. 150
1 prepackaged ceaser salad. 300
8oz Turkey breast 1/2 bag broccoli 290
1 scoop protein. 160
2 vitagummies. 10
8oz Turkey breast 1/2 bag broccoli. 290
1200 calories

I added a big apple to lunch. 100

  1. I’ve had a few nights I woke up and broke down and ate some almonds. But I got rid of the almond bag so I just wake up and accept theres no food around.

As for cardio. Octane fitness elliptical level 7 50 min says 900 calories plus 15 min of taking breaks walking thr whole time

Evening 30 min jogg/ all the way inclined brisk walking. Plus walking 15 min. 300 calories at least. I account for the octane maybe being high but I gotta be burning alot. I’m a hard worker. And I’m late In this cut and desperate to see a six pack. I cant fail

I’m 5’5" 147. I was 158 when I started 7 weeks ago. Biggest I been was 176. I was a lil tank

You are not using any oil to cook? Nothing on the broccoli?

That doesn’t sound right for a 150 lb guy.

Maybe you are correct on your calories in and out. I think if you are right, you are going to lose a lot of muscle (end up skinny fat). It is better to lose it slowly if the goal is to be lean and muscular.

Basically, you are taking in 400 calories (after you subtract exercise calories burned) a day for the last 7 weeks, and you have made this change.

I think most would lose that amount of weight (much of it being glycogen) the first week on your program. The math doesn’t support your claim of calories in / calories out.

When were these labs taken? Your test levels are in the tank?

Fellow little guy here. I say I’m 5’7" but in reality i may be a cunt hair under (shhh don’t tell). You don’t need a PCT… you need TRT. In fact i would dare say you don’t need to cycle all you need is TRT.

FWIW when I had low T I was able to get to 175lbs in decent shape. After TRT and a few blasts I sit at a steady 200lbs in form as seen in my avatar.

It appears he may be starving himself (I doubt the claim, but he said he is eating 1300 calories and burning 900 through exercise daily). I doubt he is in that much of a deficit, but probably a very large one. I wouldn’t take his labs as an indication of needing TRT. I think most would have terrible levels if they were eating like that.

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Agreed but I don’t know about that severe. I would be curious to see the FSH/LH numbers. Still he is low low low with additionally high SHBG. I don’t know if that would be all diet.

I don’t know either. I wouldn’t say he is a TRT candidate just off of that data point though. He may need it. I think he needs labs after eating at maintenance for a month.

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It can and will be absolutely that severe for most people if his numbers are correct. I tend to not doubt them. He’s starving. No need for sex hormones by his body.

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Just did a little light reading. Looks like you are indeed correct.

The effects of 4-6 days of food deprivation on the pituitary-testicular function of adult male rats were studied. … Testicular and serum levels of testosterone decreased by 70-80%


What the hell I can’t even. You have no abs, yet you eat 1300 cals and do 80 mins of cardio everyday? Of course you don’t, your test level must be horrible, cortisol levels through the roof. This is just terrible. With your cycle things might get a bit better, but you know what, you’ll probably never have your coveted abs. Jesus I’ve never been under 2000 cals on purpose


Ok this is pissin me off. I live out of my car right now. I have no stove. I have a salt and pepper shaker for the brocolli. I absolutely only eat the 1300 calories. No question. I absolutely do 50 min of cardio. And then 30 at night. I feel like you can fuck off making a deal out of this. I went to 1200 2 weeks ago. Hard to maintain. I’m at 1300 as yesterday. I started at the beginning at about 1700. Fuxk the math homie I’m just saying what’s up. I dont like being called a liar and fucking go provoke someone else I cant that shit right now. Asshole

Scale says 145.8 today.