Here is the Plan

Didn’t quite figure out the posting thing in the beginning, but I think I have it now. Not sure where my initial info went. I started at 5’6" 176 lbs and 28% BF (measured on a Tanita scale)

Today was Day 7 and I was 171.5 26.5% BF.

I had 4 oz of turkey last night and some broccoli and sour kraut (sour kraut is all fiber…does it count in the calories total?)

Today I really struggled because we went out to dinner. I ordered mussels diavlo (no pasta) but did have a few pieces of bread. Mussels turn out to have more carbs than I thought (go figure). So I was slightly off track for calories and and carbs today. I only had the first two shakes. A little nervous about tomorrow morning’s weight in but will get right back on track.

Wheres the plan? Looks like you’re just discussing your day with us.

Day 7 of the Velocity Diet or your own workout routine? Tell us more.

What are your goals?