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Here is my plan...critique and help


ok so im around 200lbs 6'1....first off here is my tenative diet...rip me if u have to..its impossible for me to put together a good diet it seems

Meal 1: omlete w/ 2 pieces of turkey bacon (2 whole eggs/skim milk in omlete)
Meal 2: 1/2 cup 1% cottege cheese
Meal 3: a chicken breast or ham. meat or can of tuna
Workout/post workout: 1/2 surge pre/during...1/2 surge after
Meal 4: chicken breast, steak, or hamburger meat
Meal 5: 1/2 cup cottege cheese and protein shake

probably throw in some fruit and veggies somewhere in there...along with some flaxseed and fishoil.

my training split looks to be 4 days implementing a 5x5 routine with 2 days of HIIT. my main goals are to lose fat and maintain muscle. i know that 5x5 isn't the greatest for fat loss but i love to lift heavy and can't stay motivated or interested in a low volume circuit type routine. i don't care if it takes time. u guys know best so just tell me what u think.


What is your BF?

I don't see anything wrong with 5x5 for fat loss or muscle gains. It's not high rep so you tend to keep lbm even when carbs are lower.

I personally have been having good success with it during my tdawg2.0 diet over the last month. Lifts are going up even though i'm about -500 calories below maintenance.

That surge really makes a difference in energy.



First off, we need to know your %BF in order to make accurate suggestions. We have to be able to ascertain whether or not you are getting in enough calories!

Dizzle...there is no possibility about it!! You should definetely eat your veggies!!!! It looks to me you are going the VERY low carb route, so adding in come fibrous veggies and ALOT of them would be advantageous. Personally I eat a bag and a half of frozen veggies a day. Spinach, broccoli, green beans, etc.

As far as your diet, for the most part it looks good, but I am like you in that I am ALWAYS "tweaking" my food selections and meal timing. Its a viscious cycle bro.

Meal #1...I would nix the milk, some people seem to get better results when they limit their dairy intake, and sine you are eating cottage cheese, the added milk might be limiting your results. Instead of the bacon, add a chicken breast and maybe some fat free cheese for some added flavor.

Meal #2...I LOVE my cottage cheese. I would add some fish or flax oil to this meal if I were you...;o)

Meal #3...again, looks pretty good. How bout adding some mixed nuts to this meal. That way, you will make it a P+F meal and get your mono's in there to boot!

Meal #4...can't go wrong with Surge!

Meal #5 (post working P+C meal)...here is where you want to get some more carbs in. Gotta take advantage of the "window of opportunity" here. Your body is in an anabolic state here, so here is where you WANT to spike your insulin, albeit you might want to keep it to low GI carbs such as oatmeal or some whole grain bread.

Meal #6...chicken, lean beef are good choices. Again, I would start supplementing with flax and fish oil also...and don't forget those veggies!!!!!

Meal #7 (before bed)...cottage cheese with some low carb Grow is very very scrumptious.

Hope that helps somewhat my man. I can't stress how important those veggies are. Not only will you get essential vitamins, but you will ntoce that the added fiber will help with keeping you satieted. I'm sure others will chime in with their suggestions, but I'm sure most of them will say the same things......need your %BF and add your oils and veggies.


thanks for the help thus far my bf% is around 22-23%


with a BF of 22-23%, a good starting point in terms of calories to consume would be LBM*15. Sooooo, being the nice guy that I am....

200lbs * .22=44
200-44=156 lbs of "lean body mass"
156*15=2340 calories

To maintain current body weight, you should be eating 2340 calories. Now, depending on what your goals are (lose body fat, bulk up)...you need to either subtract or add calories. I think you said your goal is to lose fat, so you need to subtract calories from your "maintainence" number. So, what you need to do is figure out how many calories you are consuming as of right now and go from there. This is where we are ALL going to tell you, you need to keep a food log. Trust me, they are a neccesity. If you're not willing to do this, then you aren't going to get much sympathy from anyone here on the forum...;o)


thanks for the help. i now have a fitday account.


As Tony has said up the veggies and EFA's. At every P+F meal try eating some green sort of vegetable (spinach, salad, asparagus, parsley, broccoli, artichoke hearts, etc), and try eating some EFA's. I usually eat tuna on top of a salad with flax meal and olive oil, or I make an omelet, but eat some broccoli and fish oil caps on the side. I assume you are cutting, and I second Tony's opinions about the PW carbs. Don't be afraid to change up your solid PW meal an hour or two after training, by swapping it with your first meal ? la T-Dawg v 2.0(just make sure P+F and P+C have a minimum of two hours separation, three is ideal). I did this when my progress stalled, and it seems to work well to switch up your carb timing every few weeks. Good luck, and I hope this helps some!