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Here Is My Cycle


Here is the cycle I plan to run for 10 wks

EQ 300mg 10wks
Clen 2wks on 2wks off
day 1-20

Then for PCT take some liquid clomid:

On the EQ should I split it up during the week say a shot of 150mg on monday and another Friday? Also will the EQ keep me from loosing a lot of muscle from clen if I keep the heavy protein intake? I got the clen cycle from Prisoner #22 but modified it to fit me. Just want some opinions from some of the vets.

Thanks stillearning


i assume this is a cutter. it is mild but could work out. the clen protocol is similar to the one p-22 laid out some time ago...pretty sure he doesn't like the whole clen idea anymore....but that protocol does look relatively decent. if your goal is solely to cut BF....then what you have outlined may work for you, the main thing defining your success will be your diet.

your pct does need to be beefed up a little IMO. even though eq doesn't aromitize, it will suppress you to some degree. 100 mg clomid for 7 days, followed by 50 mg for 7 days, followed by 35 for 7 days.

i'd be tempted to throwed an equal amount of test in there.

i'm sure other bros will chime in.


Well I could chime in but I won't yet because I have a feeling you might have done your homework and me pointing out something along the lines of me saying "That's too low a dose of eq to gain any type of size especially without test, plus for a cycle that's only 10 weeks you might wanna consider a frontload. Ect ect ect blah blah blah". So before I say that, could you tell me/us what your exact goal is? Like Juice said, I'm assuming it's a cutter and IMO that would work pretty nicely. I like some test (like say 300 mg a week) just to keep the possible risk of libido issues at bay, and for the synergy, and other benefits that come with stacking a class I and classII. However, if you just wanted to kind of do something like an aggressive body recomp cycle this would be prety nice.

I will suggest that you get some benadryl or pick up some ketotifen so you can run the clen for longer then 2 weeks=better results as from what AR has shown me the results are best when clen is run around 4-6 weeks. The ketotifen allows you to run it longer without it downregulating. Another thing about clen, and some might disagree. I think ramping us VERY slowly is a good idea and constantly or regularly getting the shakes while upping your dose and just trying to grin and bear it is bullshit. I can kinda see having to do it like that to reach your optimal dose (IMO for most it will be around 80-120 mcg TOPS) if you only have 2 weeks to do it. However if you have a month or 6 weeks then it's not necessary and you can really gradually up your dose nice and smoothly. Especially with liquid clen. So with that in mind if you went that route you could even leave the clen so it overlaps with say the last 2-4 weeks of you being off cycle and on pct (in other words say run it for 6 weeks and start your clen at week 3-4 of you eq cycle). That way you'll most likely be using the clen at a time when just eq and stict diet alone will have platued in terms of effectiveness. Plus while some will say it's a no no, clen can have it's benefits during pct. However if your cycle was a bulker you wouldn't wanne jump on clen and start trying to "cut the little bit of extra fat you gained" while bulking during your pct. If your cycle was a cutter/recomp then it would/could fit in there nicely.

BTW, have you used clen before? If not and you dont' know how you're going to react to it take my advice (and I'm sure others will tell you the same) the protocol you outline is a good one. BUT! It's not written in stone. Go slow and see how your body reacts.


Thank u for the input, this is a cutting cycle but I would like to see a little gain but when u cut often you look a little bigger anyway due to the increase in definition IMO. I am kind of limited on my clen since I only have about 100tabs at 20mcg and that?s about all I want to spend for the rest of the summer on A.S so I am going to make due.

With that said I think I can run it weeks 2-4 and again weeks 6-8. I have not taken Clen before so I defiantly will watch for certain side effects I do react very strongly to caffeine but caffeine is totally different since it is a adenosine reuptake inhibitor and Clen is beta. I really hate test. because it bloats the shit out me and I just look flat also the acne issue with increase chance of hair loss just is not worth it to me, I know EQ has its faults but it has not fucked me before. I have some M1T laying around I could throw it in but I not sure how to run that with a cutting cycle like this.

Thanks for your impute really helps a lot


Nice!!! It sounds like you DID do your homework. I still kinda like the idea on sprining for some benadryl and running it with the clen and into pct but that probably because it's my idea:-) and I'm an arrogant prick. Eitherway it sounds like you have things mapped out pretty well. I'm going to venture to say that at that dose of eq unless your under 200 lbs like 180 or so then 300 mgs won't likely lead to much/any increae in size.

But you're not going for that so I'd say you should get what you want. Keep your diet on point, some cardio, lift hard and you should be strait. I'd add some little bells and whistle's to you pct. Ie. some trib, potency wood, avena sativa, or phenugreek. Stuff like that.