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Here Is How To Get Big


I was just replying to another thread about "adding mass" and I figured I would paste what I typed in a new thread because it just so goddamned annoying seeing all of these guys whine about not being able to get big and strong.

The following advice I put together is not fancy, nor does it come with all of the bells and whistles that some of you puke-boys need to get excited about a training program, but the shit works. It works for me and took me from a thin 175lb ecto at 6' tall to a thick 220lb natural and under 9% bodyfat in about 24 months. I am 34 and would like to see 235lbs lean by the age of 36.

And this was after training for 15 years spinning my wheels.

The hardest part was

A) Learning to give everything I had in the gym
B) Staying OUT of the gym
C) Ignoring EVERYTHING I read about food, supplements, cardio, routines, etc.

The post:

Getting Big is simple. And I'm not talking about "bulk fat" big, I'm talking thick, dense, powerful.

Do not look at the next 30 days, or 12 weeks, or even 6 months.

Take the next 12 months and concentrate on building massive power and muscle size from squats, deadlifts, bench presses, rows, chins, dips, and overhead presses.

Twice per week, full body, is perfect.

As far as eating, no need to overeat. Most fools are eating too much as it is. You end up getting fat or just shitting out what the body doesn't need.

3-4 meals is fine, meat and veggies, plus fruit and real honey as snacks.

Don't worry about counting calories, carbs, proteins, etc. Just eat your meals and train hard.

Force your body to grow. It will.

And do cardio as often as you can, fast walking or light jogging is best. Morning, afternoon, night, it doesn't matter. Just get your heart pumping and force your body to stay lean by showing it how active you are.

At the same time you will also put on a lot of mass, lean mass, by the following routine:

Monday (rep day)

Bench Press: 4-10 x 6-10
Rows: 5x8-10
Behind The Neck Press (or front): 5x8-10
Squats: 3x5 then 1x20 (breathing squats)
Chins: 3-4 by max
Calve Raises
Heavy Ab work (2-3 sets of weighted crunches

Thursday: (Heavy Day)

Squats: 5x5
Bench Press: 5x5
Behind The Neck Press (or front): 5x5
Dips: 5x5
Deadlift: 5x5
Hammer Curls: 4x8
Calve Raises
Heavy Ab Work

Now get to work!


Please provide pictures of the physique you have been able to create using this plan.


I totaly feel you on your post man, but this is going to go right over some peoples heads. It might be simple to you or me on how to gain weight or get stronger but some people just wont get it.

Bench 4x6-10 there will be people useing the same weight for the same reps week in and week out and wondering why they dont grow.

There will be people doing cardio all the time and not eating enough and they will wonder why they dont gain weight.

This is why the authors get technical because what you and I might think are just obvious facts arent obvious to everyone.

This is why the best thing small people can do is train with big strong guys.


Sounds like a good idea, but the program seems pretty unbalanced to me. There are between 24 and 30 sets of upper-body pushing movements per week and only 8 to 9 sets of upper-body pulling movements. I can only imagine that someone following this plan for quite a while would end up with a pretty bad case of internal rotation at the shoulder. Also, the heavy day looks like it would require somewhere between 2 and 3 hours to complete. I do like the nothing too fancy approach, reminds me of Ripptoe's starting strength.

Just my two cents


If you're able to squat 5x5 and deadlift 5x5 in the same workout, with any appreciable weight, you're either incredibly gifted or incredibly stupid.


please post pics




Where's the arm work? 3 sets of hammer curls . Thats it?

What a lame program. You'll wind up with big legs, a big torso and little arms.


I agree with some of those points but not so much with others. The only thing I'll mention is that you seem to be supporting one training style, that being full body. While full body is great, so are other forms of training. I believe there is no one way to get big, and just because that worked for you, does not mean it'd work for the next guy just as well.


I feel you on the "buck up and work hard for the long term" mentality of your post. I feel that I have had to come to that place in my workouts, as well. However, I agree with some of the other posters in that I would like to see a little bit more from the routine in terms of volume and maybe some GPP (sled, tire, etc.) thrown in for good measure.


I agree with many of your points (off season Cardiois a plus, lift heavy, no need to eat 5,000 cals a day)

But I feel 2 days a week is not optimal, not to mention the program is unbalanced.


Gotta show pics if you're going to tell people to train your way since it got you big. That's just courtesy.


Its not even his program, its just the bastard child of most of the T-Nation programs pieced together.

Basicaly the only thing anyone should be takeing away from this thread is there is no substitute for hard work.


That's not really my point. I'm just saying that if someone comes in and is all like, "Hey everyone! I'm HYYYUGE! Listen to my advice!"...that person should post some pics. Especially if they only have 5 posts...


Troll job??


...or hammer curls.


...or squat rack curls.


Bill Star 5x5 calls for deads and squats in the same routine twice a week, it's a proven ass method.


I edited your post ha. I agree with a lot of it but if it was me who wrote it then it would have looked more like this.

That being said no one can argue with your results and I think most of the principles are sound and can be used in general advice, but like you can see I just don't agree with the application that much.


appreciable weight is the key term here. Anyone can squat and deadlift in the same session, but you will just end up burning yourself out if you use a weight that is challenging on both exercises.

to the OP, you have a grand total of 5 pushing movements and 2 pulling. In a perfect world, people would use a 1:1 ratio, but, from the looks of this routine, you should probably being 2 pulling for every 1 pushing for a while. By doing bench twice a week and rows once a week, your bench will grow out of proportion to your row, and you're progress will begin to stagnate.

I can tell you that recently I've been very successful using 1:2 pushing:pulling ratio and it has done great things for my bench, which hasn't seen a PR in over a year. I think it's great that you are trying to simplify the whole process for people who don't understand, but you have to realize that your way is not necessarily the best way.

Also, you joined the forum less than a month ago and you have a grand total of 5 posts. No one has reason to trust your credibility because you have yet to build any. If anything, YOU should be the one asking questions, not giving answers. Just my 2 cents.