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Here I Go Again

Hey guy,
I’m new here. I started trt a few years ago and it was a bad experience.
Cystic acne on my chest, trouble reaching orgasm, elevated blood pressure and a whole bunch of other crap. Well… I’ve taken some time to learn more about the whole process. Reached out to my Dr. and was instructed to come pick up my supplies and get started and we’ll do labs in 8wks.

Instead of doing hcg and AI I’ve decided to start off with just testosterone (200mg) divide into 2 doses per week. I’d like to see how my body reacts. Afraid that if I start with the AI and hcg I wont know were the problem is if one pops up.
I’ll do lads in 8wks to see where I stand before adding an AI(if needed).
Does that sound logical?

Why are you starting with 200 mg?a What did you use before? Do you know your SHBG, E2 or free T numbers? I would be a little leery of starting that high unless you have a solid reason for it.

I was using 200mg/ wk before. My protocol was
Tuesday: 200mg injection
Wednesday: 250iu hcg
Thursday: 1mg anastrozole
Friday: 250iu hcg
Saturday: 1mg anastrozole
I don’t have to start with 200mg and I do not know any of my numbers

Do you know where you were (blood levels) prior to TRT a few years ago?

235 total

Then you can start higher, you’ll need it. I wouldn’t start with anything less than 150mg.