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Here I Go Again, 55 & Fighting Low T for 3 Yeaes

I’m 55 y/o and have fought low T for about 3 years. I originally started on injections and got my T up in a reasonable range, but “my boys” shrunk to the size of raisins. My PMD sent me to an endo who put me on Clomid. It got my T up to 325 with 71.2 free. My PMD didn’t think it was working well enough so he had me stop the Clomid for a couple months and retest. I got my results back today and my T was down to 214. I have mental fog, I’ve gained 20 pounds and have the libido of a corpse. By the way, I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is in check with 200 mqg of levothyroxine. So here’s my question… do I go back on Clomid and live with T of 325, go back on the injections and live with micro nuts, or try T Gel? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

You simply need a new doctor, I can’t believe you doctor didn’t discuss adding HCG to your protocol. The fact that a doctor put a 55 year old on clomid is just insane, clomid only works on young guys and rarely if that. Would you really chose large nuts and no libido over a libido of a 20 year old?

You need to educate yourself because most doctors have no clue what their doing when it comes to male hormones.

I have much to learn. With Clomid not really an option, are injections or gel the preferred route of administration? And yes, I absolutely am going to look for a new MD. I’m tired of feeling terrible.

Injections are by far the most effective treatment option, most guys absorb T gel poorly and those that are lucky often start failing to absorb at a later date and wonder why their levels are continuing to fall, at this point you’re bailing water out of a boat that’s destine to sink.

MD, there’s your problem. Be expected to go through many doctors before you find one that truly knows what their doing.

Read the stickies at the top of the page. Lots of great info there.