Here Goes - Training Log

Height 5’11
Weight: 165
Bench: 80kg/185lbs for 5
Squat: 80kg/185lbs for 5 (I admit I neglected legs when I swam a lot)
Deadlift: 100kg/225lbs for 5
Training: 1 year
Weight Put on: 63 pounds/4 and half stone (I had thyroid problems though so a lot of that is just from my metabolism becoming less hummingbird like)

Aims: 200 pounds/90kg by march latest
Deadlift 150kg for reps
squat 140kg for reps
bench 100kg for reps
not to care about people’s obsession with abs!

Day 1: Arms + Shoulders
Day 2: Legs
Day 3: Chest + Back

Arms + Shoulders
Seated Overhead Press (in smith machine)
Weighted Dips
EZ Curls
Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press
Bench Dips/Close Grip Bench Press
Reverse EZ curls
Diamond Push Ups
All 4x8 apart from push ups which are to failure

Back Squat
SL Deadlift
Front Squat
Sumo Deadlift
Calf raises
Squats and sumo deadlifts 4x8, SL Deadlifts 4x5, calves 3x20

Chest + Back
T Bar Row
Incline DB press
Cable Row
Decline/Flat Bench
Weighted Chin Ups
Bench Flies
All 4x8 except chin ups which I aim to do 40 of in a given session


Intake: 3500-4000 calories per day
Of which 200g protein made up of eggs, steak ham and protein shakes
Carbs are wholewheat pasta, bagels and subway sandwiches hangs head
Fats are from olive oil, guacamole, brazil nuts and muffins. Yes I know

split over 6 meals
(not including post-workout shake)
I’m teetotal, no cigarettes, no drugs, quite boring really, usually in bed early too

My cardio is swimming 4km 3 times a week (I still swim comptetively)

Today Leg workout 3/9/09

Squats: Working sets 8x70kg, 5x80kg, 8x70kg, 8x70kg, 8x70kg (to parallel)
SL Deadlifts: Working sets 5x100kg four times
Front Squats (First time I have ever done them) : 8x40kg, 8x50kg twice, 8x40kg
Sumo Deadlift: 8x80kg four times
Calf Work: 20x70kg on step up bench in smith machine, 1 second pause at bottom
Next time I will go heavier on front squats

Tomorrow Chest and Back. Aim to break my record for DB chest press

Chest + Back

T Bar Row
Warm up 8x40g
Working sets 8x60kg 8x65kg 8x60kg 8x60kg
went down as form was suffering - pushing too much with legs

DB Incline Chest Press
8x24kg, 8x28kg (warm up)
working sets 8x30kg 4x32kg 8x30kg 6x30kg
Would have done more at 32 except my right arm went out of ‘the groove’ however first time I have done 32 for reps!

Weighted Chin ups (with 5kg)
40 done as 8,6,6,5,5,5,5
First time done with weight next time will aim to do at least 2 sets of 8. adding more weight soon

Flat Bench press
7x50kg6x50k, 6x50kg, 5x50kg
This was absolutely HORRIFIC don’t know what happened. I have a large wingspan (6 foot 5 on a 5 foot 11 body) so bench press is not a good exercise however those numbers are shocking. No excuses

Technogym row machine (cable row was broken/removed somewhere) This is like a HS row machine you add plates to either side and can do one arm at a time
warm up set 8x50kg each arm
working sets, 8x60kg, 8x60kg 8x70kg 8x70kg
Really felt the lats working here. tough exercise

Cable Bench Flies
8x7.5kg either arm four times
No problems here slight pause at end of eccentric and concentric movement. good pump sensation

Overall a good workout for the back and DB. Bench press was dire though. after DBs I can really feel my chest working. Just need to keep working at it, maybe switch bench press to start of the movement but I’m liking the way this workout goes

Saturday: swim training Sunday: arms + shoulders

Today: swim training

My event is 1500 free so today I did 4x1000 metres frontcrawl with the intention of my heartrate being 80% of my max throughot (so about 170-180)
First 1000: 15 mins 21 Heartrate 156
Second 1000: 15 mins 06 Heartrate159
Third 1000: 14 mins 49 Heartrate 171
Fourth 1000: 13 mins 59 Heatrate 182

I’m still recovering from a rotator cuff injury that left me unable to swim for 2 months so the first 2 1000s took it easy. last one went a little faster and it was brutal

Tomorrow: arms and shoulders

OK shoulder had a slight twinge at work around the lateral muscle on my right when hauling rubbish - so going easy on shoulders and swimming. Gaah

Weighted Dips went for 40
8 x 20kg 8x22kg 7x22 kg 5x22kg 5x20kg 5x20kg
New PB. yay

EZ Bar curls
warm up set 8x30kg (perfect form)
6x35kg, four times. Very slight body english on the last rep but other full rom and good form (so the gym trainer who I got to check it said)

Free bar sitting overhead press
6x40kg, 4 times
Did not like this exercise but tried it for some shoulder exercise and thought doing it on smith, though being able to use more weight, might hurt it.

Close grip bench press, on smith machine
8x20kg each side 8x25kg each side, 8x25kg each side 7x25kg each side (not including bar; not sure of its weight)
I stopped three inches before my sternum so not to involve my shoulders too much

Reverse curls
8x30kg four times
Big pump at the end of these. Last set was murder

Bench Dips w/i 115lbs 3x10 1 second pause at bottom of each rep

After this some foam rolling on my legs for tomorrow. My IT bands were so sore but in a good way.

Good - new Pb on dips,
Bad - shoulder soreness. Has gone down during the day so hopefully i can train it again this week


Warm up 8x60g
Working sets 8x70kg 5x80kg 8x70kg 8x70kg

SL Deadlights
Warm up 5x80kg
Working sets 5x100, 5x100 (overhand grip) 5x100kg 5x100kg (mixed grip)

Front Squats
warm up 8x40kg
working set 8x50kg 5x50 kg 6x50kg 7x50kg

Leg press
warm up 50kg each side x8
working sets: 75kg each side 8 reps 4 sets

Calf work standing calf raise 80kg 3x20
Seated 4x8 120kg

Good: Grip improved on deadlifts, squat form getting better (hip adductors stronger) leg press stronger, front squat form improving
Bad: No real increase in strength but as form has gone up not too bothered

Today - day off. Chest and Back Wednesday. Yes I know it’s a bit pointless posting that… but i just have. so meh

Chest and Back

HS row machine warm up set 50kg each side
Working sets 65kg each sidex8, 70kgx8, 70kgx8 75x8

DB Incline Chest Press
warm up 26kg DBsx8
working sets 30kgx8, 32kgx6, 32kgx4, 30kgsx6, 30kgx5

Weighted chin ups (40) 1 second pause at bottom of movement
5 w/i no weight, 8/wi5kgs, 5w/i10kgs, 5w/i10kgs, 6w/i 5kgs, 6w/i5kgs, 5w/i 5kgs
hurt like a bitch

Decline Chest press
warm up 8x50kg
working sets 4x60kg 4x60kg 4x60kg 4x60kg 10x50kg 10x50g

Bench cable Flies
8x7.5kgs either side, 8x7.5 8x10 8x10

T Bar Row
8x60kgs cheating on last two reps

My back is so sore it is ridiculous. Chest pretty beat up too. Currently eating the contents of my fridge

Woke up today - back felt as though it had been hit by a truck. Chest pretty sore. Shoulders still out of action on physio’s orders so I thought I would make it a quickie arms sesh today

Weighted dips (weight refers to additional weight)
20kgsx8, 24kgsx7, 24kgs x6 24kgs x6 24kgs x6 20kgsx8

New PB good reps

EZ bar supinated curl (thinner bar than last time)
35kgsx8, x8, x7x, x6

Close grip bench press (smith machine - bar weighs 15kgs according to gym staff)
55kgsx10 three times

EZ Pronated curl
30kgs x8, 32.5kgsx6, x6, x4, 30kgsx8

Bench dips w/i50kgs
x10, x15 x13

Preacher bb curls alternating supinated/pronated grip 1 second pause at bottom
27.5kgsx8, 25kgsx8 twice through

Got a good pump, added reps and busted weighted dips pb. Smashing pbs left right and centre atm. Probably cause i’m eating like 1000calories extra a day.


Back Squats
warm up set 8x50kg
working sets 8x70kg 5x80kg 5x80kg 8x70kg 8x70kg

SL Deadlifts
Warmup sets 5x60kg, 5x90kg
Working sets 4x100kg (overhand grip) 6x100kg 6x100kg 6x100kg 5x100kg (mixed grip)

Leg Press
8x150kg 8x170kg 8x170kg 6x170kg

Seated Calf Raise 4x8 120kg
Standing calf raise 3x20 100kg

Bulgarian split squats 4x8, 18kg dumbells

Sore as hell. Couldn’t do front squats because of squat rack curlers. GAH. really tight hip flexors. need to work on foam rolling

Today - conditioning
Swimming 4x1000 metres

1st 1000 - 13:39
2nd: 13:21
3rd: 14:14 (think I did a 50 extra)
4th: 13:25

Just keeping up the training in the off season

Shitty chest + back workout today. all the posers were in the gym today hogging up space with useless 5kg concentration curls continues rant elsewhere and i was at a different gym and the dbs ripped open all my calluses so ugh


T Bar row
working sets 70kg x8, 75kgx8 70kgx8 70kg x8

DB Chest press incline
26kg x8 30kg x6 28kg x8 28kg x8 28kg x6

Cable row
66kg x8 76kg x8 three times, slight lean in at the end of each rep

Decline bench press
60kg x8 four times

Chin ups (body weight)8,8,7,6,5
Couldn’t find the weight belt and dumbells just kept slipping away. gaaaaaaahhhh

Decline DB press
24kg x6x 5 22kg x8 x6

Pisstake of a session. ugh

Today - sore from yesterday. maybe not as bad as i thought

Arms and shoulders

Weighted dips
8x20kg 6x25kg 5x25kg (grip slipped) 6x25kg 6x25kg

EZ Bar Curl
8x35kg 4x37.5kg 8x35kg 7x35kg

HS shoulder machine total weight 50kg
4sets x 8 reps - just easing back into shoulder training and felt no problems

Reverse Close grip smith press
4x8 at 65kg - wow the feeling in the triceps… going to do this from now on

Reverse Curls
8x30kg 8x32.5kg 8x32.5kg 6x32.5kg

Front Plate raises
20kg 3x10

Weighted dips
20kg extra weight 4x8

Great session - next time will put back DB shoulder press and all will be well :smiley:


Back Squat
8x70kg 8x80kg 6x80kg 5x80kg 8x70kg

Freakin yes

SL Deadlift
4x100kg (0verhand grip) 6x100kg 6x100kg 6x100kg 5x100kg (mixed grip)

Front Squat
8x50kg 5x60kg 5x60kg 5x60kg 8x50kg
So… sore

Leg press total weight 150kg

Seated calf raise 140kg 3x20

Brutal… and very satisfying

Chest and back - i’m hitting the gym a lot because my free membership runs out quite soon and i want to make the most of it

DB Incline Chest press
8x24kg 8x30kg 4x32kg 8x30kg 7x30kg

Weighted chin ups
8 (body weight) 5(with 5kg) 5(with 10kg) 5 (with 10kg) 5 (with 10kg) 4(with 10kg)
1 second pause at the bottom of each rep to stop me swinging

Decline bench press
4x8 at 60kg - going to up the weight next week

HS row machine
8x65kg each side 8x70kg each side 8x75kg each side 8x75kg each side

Cable bench flies
8x7.5kg each side 8x10kg each side 8x7.5kg each side 8x7.5kg each side

T Bar row
4x8 at 60kg - will up weight next week at the end of set

Today - legs (skipped arms due to left shoulder twinge)

working sets 8x70kg 8x80kg 8x80kg 6x80kg 5x80kg

SL Deadlift
4x100kg (overhand grip) 6x100kg 6x100kg 6x100kg 5x100kg (overhand grip)

Front squat
4x8 at 50kg

Standing calf raise 3x20 80kg in smith

Leg Press
160kg 4x8

Sitting calf raise 4x8 140kg

Chest + Back

Incline DB press
8x26kg 8x30kg 6x32kg 5x32kg 8x30kg 8x30kg

Weighted chin ups
5 body weight
5 with 5kg
6 with 10kg
6 with 10kg
5 with 10kg
5 with 10kg
6 with 5 kg

Cable Row (new machine just installed)
8x40kg 3x8 with 50kg

Flat Bench
8x15kg 6x20kg 6x20kg 6x20kg 8x15kg

T Bar Row
8x60kg 8x60kg 8x70kg (cheating last 3 reps) 8x60kg

Decline DB Press
7x28kg 8x26kg 7x26kg 6x26kg

Arms - short, sharp workout

Weighted Dips
8 with 20kg 7 with 24kg 6with 24kg, 7 with 24 kk, 6 wih 24kg

had to use a dumbell rather than plate which I find tougher. With a plate I think I could have done more reps

EZ Bicep Curls
4x8 at 35kg

8x40kg 8x50kg (form was a bit shitty) 8x45kg 7x45kg 8x40kg

Reverse close grip smith press
8x55kg 4x6 at 65kg

Reverse Curls
4x8 at 32.5kg

Weighted Dips
4x8 with 20kg

Still not doing shoulders as want them to heal. Also I need a spotter to haul the dumbells up and there was no one in the gym during the workout.

Swimming training - final few sessions at old club, assisted by lots of energy drinks and protein shakes

Interval training: 24x50s, split into 6 of each stroke, on 50 seconds incl. rest
24x50s split into 6 backstroke 6 butterfly 12 frontcrawl (my strokes) on 40 seconds incl. rest

very very tired. i have eaten about 6000 calories today minimum and still got another meal in the fridge


SL Deadlift
7x100kg 5x100kg (overhand grip) 8x100kg 8x100kg (mixed grip) 8x90kg (overhand grip)
Felt easy. excellent
Back Squat
8x60kg 2x80kg 8x70kg 5x80kg 4x80kg 8x70kg 7x70kg

Never do squats after deadlifts. strength went down a long way. Going much below parallel naturally now though

Standing calf raise on smith machin 3x20 with 80kg

Front squat
4x8 at 50kg
Need to work on these but found squatting exhausting

Snatch grip deadlift
8x60kg 8x80kg 8x90kg 8x90kg

Seated calf raise
4x15 with 100kg on leg press

Thursday - bouldering

Friday - chest + back (horizontal pulling, I did a hell of a lot of vertical pulling on thursday

T Bar Row

8x60kg 8x70kg 5x75kg 8x70kg 8x60kg

Slight Incline DB Press
8x30kg 8x32kg 3x34kg 7x32kg 6x32kg 8x30kg

HS Row (weight refers to each side)
8x60kg 8x70kg 8x75kg 8x75kg (working one arm then the other)

Flat Bench Press
8x60kg 8x60kg 7x60kg 6x60kg (wasn’t looking hit the supports otherwise would have got 7)

V-Grip Cable Row
8x40kg 8x50kg 8x55kg 8x50kg

45 degree incline DB Press
8x24kg 8x26kg 7x28kg 8x26kg

Dip (+25kg)

Clean (40kg) 5x5

HS shoulder press
4x8 20kg, 25kg 25kg 25kg each side

EZ Bicep Curl
30kg x8 32.5kg x8 35kg x6 35kg x5 32.5kg x8

Weighted Dip (+20kg)

8x70kg 8x80kg 6x80kg 5x80kg 8x70kg 8x70kg

SL Deadlift
5x100kg (double overhand grip) 5x110kg 5x110kg 5x110kg 4x110kg (mixed grip)
Need. To. Work. On. Form

Front Squat 5x5 60kg

Squat (2 second pause at bottom of rep) 4x8 at 60kg - leg press was busy

Standing calf raise 3x20 at 80kg on smith machine

Seated Calf Raise 4x8 140kg

Didn’t feel as strong. Doing too much Cardio. Cutting out cardio sessions this week to see if it makes difference