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don’t really have good early picture but i did find one with a shirt on. so i took one again with same shirt for some comparison. been at it 8 months. trying to eat a lot. gained 15 pounds so far. looks like some body fat too. do i keep going and lift harder or star to cut a little. or just try to eat leaner but same amount of protein and calories. let me have it.

more pics

how do u post multiple pics

i got pics of legs and back. not much to look at but i don’t want to keep posting until i figure out how to do more in one

Not sure if you can, just go ahead and post them seperately. It’s not a big deal. We can’t really give you good advice until we’ve seen the full set of pics. But with that said, cutting is probably the last thing you should do!

yea i didn’t really mean cut i guess more like better diet. i ea a lot of carbs almost 300g. i try to get in 250 protein but i’m a little under usually. just want the abs to stick out a little more.

heres my worst part. legs, i am working on them though. i do a two day leg split now. and the sad thing is that they have grown quite a bit already. so u can about imagine what they were before.

I see a big difference between the green t-shirt pictures, so good work there.

I agree that your legs need some serious work. What is your height/weight and measurements?

5 10’’ 170lbs i’m right between 31 and 32 inch waist. i haven’t measured anything else. curious about measuring body fat thought. not that its real bad. i know u gotta gain to get big, before when i flexed u could see my ribs.

my fiance is not one to give compliments either and even she noticed my legs getting bigger. they were real tooth picks before, and she always made fun out of them, which is sad cause they still look pathetic. but i know my butt and hams are getting bigger cause my jeans fit alot different.

another pic

wow, your legs reaaaaaaally need to come up.

how old are you man? you look too young to be balding too.

Can definitely notice a difference, good work. Just keep at it, up your cals and gain some more weight. What is your workout/eating habits like?

Your doing a great job, keep it up!

Good job man but yeah, time to push the legs and I think chest is lagging a bit as well.

you certainly had improved, it is hard to say without previous pics. you look great against your older prev. pic. legs need a lot of focus but are worth the effort, i have found the 20reps squat to be a great routine to improve legs followed by the leg press.

i’m 29 years old. wasn’t real active the last 10 years after high school. besides drinking and smoking. quit all that now.
food: 6 eggs scrambled with turkey chunks and shredded cheese.

    bagel with peanut butter mid morning snack.

    turkey sandwich on wheat, ham sandwich on wheat and a                  

apple for lunch.

    half serving of Surge pre workout, full after workout. mixing creatine in 5 grams pre and post. 3 fish oil caps twice a day.  

supper i usually have two chicken breasts with either rice or baked potatoes and a salad. some times if i get the old lady to make me steaks i will have that instead of chicken.

i have some Metabolic Drive that i try to fit in too, but i never seem to.

day 1. biceps and triceps. seated barbell curl, standing ez curl bar, standing dumbell hammer curls,
dips for warmup 20, 15, 12, usually what i can do. then skull crushers, tricep extensions, dumbell behind head seated pushes. a
day 2. quads, squats, leg presses, leg exstensions. calves.
day 3 off.
day 4 chest, flat dumbell press, incline dumbell press, decline dumbell press. cable flyes.
shoulder, shoulder press dumbells seated, side lateral raises, front raises.
day 5. back, start with pull ups, as long as it take to get 50. some machine work reverse flys, lat pull downs, seated rows, standing upward rows, then dumbell shrugs, upright rows, seatd cable face pulls with rope.
day 6. long stride lunges, seated leg press with feet high on platform and close together. stiff legged deadlifts, leg curls, calves.

most is based on 3 sets of 8-10 reps. usually drop sets till failure on last exercise of body part. legs are usually 4 sets on squats and presses trying to up weight a little everytime.

if i know i’m not going to get the 6th day of workouts in i will combine teh leg workout but minimze it a little. also try to get 3 days of abs and forearms in at end of workouts.

Cool, we are about the same height and weight and my physique resembles yours, except I have some more back width and leg size, versus your larger chest and arms. Either way, your gains are obvious. Just hit the legs hard and you will have a solid physique in 10 more pounds.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
wow, your legs reaaaaaaally need to come up.

how old are you man? you look too young to be balding too.[/quote]


what about cardio. i know mine is bad, but i don’t want to waste calories by doing alot but i think the aerobic effect of it might help my lifting.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
wow, your legs reaaaaaaally need to come up.

how old are you man? you look too young to be balding too.[/quote]

Hey, he still has enough to put in the racing stripes. Unless you put copyrights on it.