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Here Comes VAT



You didn't actually think Barry care, education, and cars were free now did you?


Europe, here we come.


Pitty thinks everything is free.

I don't and really would not like my taxes hiked anymore than right now. Everyone keeps forgetting that the Bush tax cuts expire next year, and the CBO took that into consideration when they came out with their find of Obamacare costing a trillion dollars. My taxes are going up next year, and they want to add another one? Tea Party here I come.


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Listen here you unpatriotic fuckers, Big Joe says that paying taxes is patriot. Fork over the dough..BITCHES!!


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I do not want to be a patriot.


Where are Ryan and Fed telling me my taxes won't go up one penny if I make less than $250k/year?
If he goes forward with this, I think he will have solidified himself as a one term president.


At least a patriot as defined by our high class Vice President Joe Biden.


They know better than to believe that crap anymore. Bam is showing his true colors.


I love the fact that my country was founded by violent, belligerent, tax dodgers. Frankly, I think we need to go back to tarring and feathering tax collectors.