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Here Are Your Tickets

to the gun show.

This is an office joke that is on the verge of going too far.

I don’t get it…

Who’s showing off their guns?

[quote]vroom wrote:
Who’s showing off their guns?[/quote]

I get it now, sorry it’s kind of early in the morning for me tp be thinking.

The ticket has made its way through 3 departments here at the office. Luckily there are no clients in the office to see a bunch of computer programmers, graphic artists and account coordinators flexing their arms while the rest of the office giggles.

Oh yeah, you know that would be a gun show!

Anyway, sounds like a supportive group… not.

All you need now is a car show. You know, for the “wheels”. HAHAHAHA!! OK, I’m leaving now. =/