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here are my EDT with massive eating results

I finished bulking up after 10 weeks and my aim was to gain as much muscle as possible with as little fat as possible whilst getting fitter and stronger without the use of andros/prohormones or any other major supplements – due to cost (food is expensive enough) Anyway here are my stats:

Lifting for about 8/9 years
Before 19/01/03
B/F%16.1 (using tanita scales)
Fat free mass 147.5
Fat mass 28.3
Body type – skinny and fat, always gaining approx 50% fat when trying to gain muscle.

After 31/03/03
B/F% 18.6%
Fat free mass 164.9
Fat mass 37.7

Fat free mass gain 17.4lbs
Fat mass gain 9.4lbs

My Training
I trained the whole upper body With an EDT style program, every 3rd/4th day for about 1 hour – I split my blocks into 7.5 minutes working time with 2.5 minute rests. The workouts were gruelling but totally invigorating. No lower body work was done due to an injury that is aggravated through training hams/glutes – which im getting physio for. Although I did Cardio – HIIT style 2 or 3 times a week on the rower/bike/running/Xtrainer. I also did a hard steady state C.V session (anything between 13 and 30mins) once a fortnight to mix things up a bit.
My strength improved by about 20% and my fitness improved by about 20%.

My Diet
My Diet began with about 4000 calories in the beginning and steadily increased upto about 5000 in March
I followed the Protein and Fat (4 meals), Protein and Carb( 2 meals) Massive eating philosophy eating approximately every 3 hours. Although post workout meal would be eaten within about 3 minutes of working out and followed up with the next meal about 2 – 2.5 hours later. I only ate carbs after a workout. C.V or weights

I ate pretty clean for 10 weeks bar my 2nd meal on Sundays
The main stay of my diet looked something like this most of the time.
Meal 1 - 5 whole eggs(omega 3 eggs) 5 egg whites (caged and cheap), 50g low fat cheese.
Meal 2 - 4 scoops of massive whey (MRM- cheap whey) 80g protein 100 ml single cream, 40ml extra virgin olive oil, water.
Meal 3 - 130-225g Rolled Oats, 4 scoops of whey protein, water.
Meal 4 - same as meal 3
Meal 5 - Chicken breast with a high fat/low carb spread for taste(5-10gfat ), Broccolli, Cauliflower, Pepper. Plus half of meal 2.
Meal 6 - Cottage cheese with 3 strawberries, 1 plum, 6 grapes, half an apple, handful of mixed nuts, 1 teaspoon peanut butter. 1 spoon of strawberry yoghurt (I need some flavour). Follwed up with 2 scoops of whey protein in water.

3-4 litres of water daily

USANA Multi Vitamins and Minerals. Starflower Oil – 2000mg. 7g Creatine for the last 2 weeks - 1 serving per day after a workout.

Cheat Meal
Sunday was my only day off training and was when i had my only cheat meal, which wasn’t that bad. A Sunday roast for 2nd meal of the day which was Chicken, Sweet Potato, carrots and parsnips with gravy. Plus 2 scoops of whey protein. This was my only source of real carbs that day.

Since then ive been out of training for 2 weeks with a chest infection due to a crazy stag weekend that happened on the 31/03/01, ive been on antibiotics for 6 days now and im ready to hit the gym. But now I need some good advice.

Date today 13/04/03
B/F% 19.4 (using tanita scales)
Fat free mass 160.9
Fat mass 38.7

Current Goal – Lose as much fat as poss whilst holding LBM
Now I want to consolidate the gains and really lean up to about 7-8% without supplements. I was going to carry on with same style workouts, coz I love the intensity and the fitness benefits with EDT and HIIT and ive had a two week lay off now.

I was thinking about having 4 different EDT upper body workouts which I rotate, and possibly introduce different rep schemes for each workout i.e workout 1 average 3-4 reps per set, workout 2, 5-6 reps, workout 3, 7-8reps, workout 4 9-10. something similar to an oscillating wave program.

My current thoughts on diet are that it is to begin around 3000 calories and reduce it to about 2200 over a 12 week period, keeping the diet to the same kind of philosophy as the bulking phase (2P+C and 4 P+F) and reducing the carbs eventually to probably only 1 meal per day, but adding the occasional 8 hour PM high gi carb refeed when feeling necessary probably once every 5/6 days initially and then more as I get leaner. Also I will add fish oil whilst cutting, and slowly reduce the saturated fats.

Possibly use Creatine – 7g per day

Any suggestions or does this sound like a good plan of attack?

Congrats on all the muscle gain!

In case you didn’t know, there is an EDT Fat Loss Program.

Also, if you’re getting sick of EDT, The Next Big Three is a good routine for fat loss.

Great post thanks for sharing that with us, however the figures just don’t sound right, are you certain your bf was checked properly before and after.

According to your results, you gained 26.8 pounds of weight, 17.4 pounds of muscle and 9.4 pounds of fat in 9 weeks and all natural ?,

Maybe I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, but a steroid user would be happy with those gains, most would be lucky to get that in 9 weeks.

If those figures are correct you have done extremely well.

My 2 C.


To bloated. Its all natural all right.

I didnt want to use any supps, bar protein powder off course. I just wanted see if with the right training and diet if it was possible - EDT is shit hot, if u havent tried it, and with HIIT cardio on most non weight training days to keep fat at bay, and with a modified massive eating diet 4 fat meals and 2 carb meals, i though it worked out quite well.


Very well done, I’m was going to do the same in my next bulking cycle, and hope I have the same success as you.

If you keep gaining like that there is no need to stop, keep going!


bloated. I would have done but i hate losing the sight of my abs. so im gonna get em back. 7-8% here i come.