Hercules03's Log

Hi guys, I've been a lurker around here for about a year,just reading and learning. Decided to join the site to start a log to keep record of my training and to keep me motivated.

Guess I’ll tell a little bit of my training history since it’s my first post:
I was born fat and stayed like that for 14 years, reaching a peak weight of 265 lbs at 5’8" and 14 years old, so…yeah I was pretty fat lol But I was enjoyed sports,so despite the fat I was still pretty active, at the time I played basketball and was an amauter swimmer.
And then, one day I decided I was freaking fat and decided to lose weight,specially due to girls and the bullyng by other students, you know the usual high school stuff. So I started to do cardio everyday for at least 1 and a half hours and did some pushups and abs for the ‘pecs and abs bro’. And my diet was pretty ridiculous, I dropped a lot of calories in a small time frame and I think I was eating something like 1500 calories per day.

Due to the ridiculous diet and excessive cardio I dropped weight very fast and in 6 months I was weighing 150 lbs, and I became paranoic with food and training and was pretty much anorexic. I stayed like that for about a year, when I was introduced to weight training at age 16. I started doing the usual stupid teenager routine, lots of pecs and arms, little to no legs, etc.

But, one day I found out in a book,which i cant remeber the name, that you need to eat a lot to grow, so I started doing that. 6 months later I had gone from 150 to 176 lbs with the same body fat NOOBIE GAINS FTW!! During that time I thought I was the shit, like super ‘swole’ lol But when searching for fitness articles in the internet I found this site and started reading everything, just learning about bodybuilding and diet.

So I started to train seriously around a year and a half ago and was able to go from a weak 176 to a solid 202 lbs. I would like to thank the bigger and more experienced members here since their advice in the forums helped me a LOT.

Right now my stats are: 5’9" 200-204 lbs
Bench max: 245 lbs x 3
Squat: 325 lbs x 2
Deadlift: 385 lbs x 1
My avatar is my recent pic, so judge my progress by that
Trying to get to 315/405/450 till July 2012 and bigger than I am right now,doesn’t matter the weight but with the same bf
I use the 5/3/1 template for the big 3 and my own training ideas for the rest,which is a lot of volume since I’m a volume whore.
Split right now is:
Chest/tris/little shoulders

Training today: Back and Bis

5/3/1 deadlift (3x5 day)

Db row
Some ramping and then,

One hand pulldown
Somexsomex8-12 reps

CT’s rope pullover/pulldown/IDK the name
Somexsomex6-10 reps
This feels so good in my back

Regular lat pulldown
Some ramping and then,
Focusing on the form and feeling the back

Hammer strenght circuit:
High row/Low row/seated row
just trying to get a good pump in my back

Rope curl with double contraction
Overhead cable curl
Machine preacher curl
About 10 sets,10-30 reps, just trying to get a lot of blood in my arms since my elbows have been hurting quite a bit for a week and i prefer to sacrifice heavy arm training than having to stay away from training due to a stupid elbow injury

Yesterday’s training
5/3/1 Bench Press 3x5 week
175 lbs x5
200 lbs x 5
225 lbs x 5

BB Incline Bench
Ramping sets of 3 until
215 lbs x 3
160 lbs x 10

Weighted dips
25 lbs x 6,6,6,6,6

Cable crossover

Db incline fly
45 lbs x 8
50 lbs x 8
60 lbs x 6
65 lbs x6
70 lbs x 4
35 lbs x a lot

HS incline press
35 lbs each x lots of sets and reps

Db lat raise
35 lbs x 15,15,15

Rear delt machine
3x some x 20

Cable lat raise
3x some x 20

Cable rear delt raise
Some x some

Felt like shit, very tired and weak. So, after the workout I went to a pasta buffet and ate a lot to restore my energies :slight_smile:


Today’s training

Close grip bench press
Ramping until
175 lbs x 5,5,5

DB preacher curl 6x8x 25 lbs
+DB extension 6x8x25 lbs

Hammer curl 6x8x35 lbs
+Skull crushers 6x8x50 lbs

Concentration curl 6x8x15 lbs
+DB kickbacks 6x8x15 lbs

After the CGBP everything was done John Meadows crazy arm routine style,no rest beetween exercises.

Note: Great pump, my gunz were happy


Yesterday’s training

95 lbs x 25
135 lbs x 25
185 lbs x 17
225 lbs x 13

1pps-with 25’s x a lot
2pps x 10
3pps x 10
3pps 10 lbs x 10
4pps x 10

Leg press
Ramping from 2 45’s per side until 8 pps. Reps started were in the 8-15 range
10pps fail- two weeks ago I hit 9ppsx 15 so I thought I was ready for the 10pps BUT the squats killed my legs so before locking out the 10pps I figured a disaster would happen so I did this instead:
7pps x 25

Standing leg curl
10 kg x 15
20 kg x 10
30 kg x 10
40 kg x 8
50 kg x 6

Good girl, bad girl machine
3 sets of 15 with each machine using the wgole weight stack

Leg extension
Lots of sets and reps, just feeling the burn

Yesterday’s training
Ramping until a top set of
380 lbs x 1

Db rows
40 kg x 8,8,8,8

One arm pulldown
Ramping until a top set of
95 lbs x 5

CT’s rope pulldown exercise (I really love it)

Leaning rope pulldown

Lat pulldown
Ramping until a top set of
160 lbs x 8

Cable row

High row
1ppsx 15,20,25

Chest and Shoulders-today

Bench Press
5/3/1 (3x3 day)
185 lbs x 3
208 lbs x 3
235 lbs x 3

Weighted dips
Ramping until a top set of
90 lbs x 5,4

DB fly-aways (from TC’s livespill)
Very challenging exercise, think I’ll keep it in for a while

HS Incline Chest Press
Ramping until a top set of
1pps 35 lbsx 6,6

Cable Crossover

DB lat raises
Ramping until a top set of
60 lbs x 8,6,6

Rear delt machine

Cable lat raise

Cable rear delt raise

BB shrugs
225 lbs x a lot

Note: after my top sets I generally do a drop set or two, usually depends on how the muscle feels after the top set. If it’s pumped, I go on to the next exercise, if not I do a drop set