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Hercules in New York

Well, I just saw Hercules in New York with Arnolds actual voice and a clip of the dubbed over voice. WOW! That is all I can say. Aside from the bad acting and the thick Austrian accent I thought it was kinda cool to see Arnold when he isn’t posing. If you haven’t seen it you need to. I also thought it was funny that they used the name “Hercules” and he was from Greece. If any of you don’t know what I am talking about “Hercules” is the Latin version of “Heracles” which is Greek.


Is dynosaur the illiterate version of dinosaur?

I agree, Hercules in New York is a great deal of fun.

hillary/rambo/billyboy/barneyfife in 2004!!!

All I have to say is that the bear attack had me on the edge of my seat. That was one mean lookin’ bear.

The best part was when Arnold and the girl are in the chariot and she asks him, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

He just laughs, puts his arm around her and says, “You know how it is…”

Yeah, the bear was by far one of the funniest scenes, as well as the chariot ride.
I also laughed when Arnold was about to throw the javelin and he flexes his pecs a few times.

I always tell everyone that that’s my favorite flick. It’s so bad, the pathmark guy is in it, I love that movie