What could I expect if I stacked Vitex, Horny Goat Weed, and Yohimbe? The claims on each of these seperatly is amazing, I am wondering if there would be a synergistic affect. I am talking body composition changes and umm, 5th appendage tonus.

To go through a lot of money. Listen to what you said, “The claims on each of these seperatly is amazing…” They’re are many proven methods and supplements that work, why waste your time and energy on stuff like this? I’m not saying that these products are crap, but how is your diet, your training? Until they are inline, why even bother with something that is called “horney goat weed”?

“5th appendage tonus” would be a great band name.

OK, you got me, I am guilty. The metabolic effect is the secondary effect I was going for. Yohimbe worked great for, um, aerobics of a different type.

Sooooo that’s what you’re after:) My bad. In this case I would definetly recomend tribex.