Herbs - empty stomach or not?

I know that the likes of ephedra and yohimbe should be taken on an empty stomach but are herbs in general like tribulus, avena, etc. absorbed better on an empty stomach or with food?

I heard Bill Roberts say on the forum that pretty much all supps are absorbed better with food. He said that most labels say to take on a empty stomach because most medical studies are done on an empty stomach.

The Ephedra and Yohimbe are better on an empty stomach for them to be more effective.

Tribulus is taken with food because if not you get those good awful white smoke burps.

Glad I’m not the only one that suffered from the “smoke burps”! :slight_smile:
Sitting in traffic in the AM, slurping my Starbucks and putting away my Tribex, and imagine my surprise when I belched a smoky white cloud, had to put my window down, pretty sure other motorists thought I was on fire!

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Personally I tend to find that empty stomach + supplements = upset tummy. Not just herbs either, multivitamins seem to do this to me without fail if I haven’t eaten in the last hour.

A7, taking herbs on an empty stomach or with your meal is dependent upon your goals. If you’re looking for maximum effect in the shortest period of time, it’s best to take them 2-3 hours after your last meal or 20-30 minutes before your first meal.

If looking for more of a sustained release type of effect, than you can take them with food.

Either way, herbs still influence the body.

Thanks all. Much appreciated.