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Hey, I may need some help convincing my sister not to waste her money on this crap.

I tried selling this years ago but stopped, and now my sister is asking for me to get some for her.

Here’s the email I just got from her:

[quote]Hey… mom said you might be able to do this… can you still

get herballife; like the dealers do, at cost? If so let me know cuz
I’m doing that now and it cost a fortune going threw the lady I got
it from. I can get it on E-bay, but I don’t know if I want to. Let
me know ok???[/quote]

And here was my reply:

"Herbalife is a scam. Many dealers have good intensions and don’t know anything about nutrition and how your body handles nutrients.

The pills don’t do anything but curb your appetite a little. Dexatrim does the same thing with tons less pills and is much cheaper.

They also sell a low quality protein powder for twice the cost of a much higher quality protein.

Their shakes are over-processed crap with the majority of the micro-nutrients taken out (due to the processing) and work only as good (or as bad) as Slim-Fast shakes.

It’s not a good way to try to lose weight at all.

That’s why I only wanted to sell it and not take it. I had too many potential customers ask the right questions about it and I couldn’t make up enough lies to keep them. So I don’t try to sell it anymore.

It’s a waste of money and time."

If anyone else has some good evidence or stories to tell about Herbalife, it may help since I’m her ‘little brother’ and she may take the Herbalife distributor’s advice over mine.


[quote]doogie wrote:

Well, that was a good link to help discourage someone from being a distributor, but I’m trying to get more good info on how crappy their products are.

I’m going to try to direct my sister to the Fahrenheit website (since she would definitly need more coddling than what T-Nation could give her). I tried Fahrenheit.com but that was something else.

What’s their official website again?

I’m also going to show her one of the DVDs from the Precision Nutrition package I bought. Hopefully it can help, but I don’t want to throw too much at her too soon.

First I need to get her away from thinking that Herbalife can help her.

Fahrenheit web site is www.f-heit.com

Send her over and we will take good care of here there!

Mod LM

Seems like I head it’s more like Herbalax.

Just flush that weight away!

[quote]Mod Lisa Marie wrote:
Fahrenheit web site is www.f-heit.com

Send her over and we will take good care of here there!

Mod LM[/quote]

Thanks, I just sent her another email with the link, and told her to register.

Hopefully she goes on there and asks questions and reads the articles.

Oh good! I’ll take good care of her over there! She will get great advice and guidance and support.

There are some really great articles over there for her to read! And a great thread I wrote called Meal Planning 101. I’m a chef and I write recipes for the girls over there to use…so you just might benefit from it too with a great gourmet meal that fits into your diet too.

Lisa Marie