Herbal T boosters

Hey all… my T was on the low end of normal… so thanks to Bill Roberts for suggesting Tribulus/Vitex to me – its working like a bomb! (They won’t allow Tribex to be imported into South Africa! Bastards! So… I won’t even ask about mag-10…).

Anyway, I was wondering if I should cycle these herbs. I’m planning on taking them for the rest of my life as a MUCH better alternative to T replacement. So… cycle them? Or not? Also – the new look of the site is awesome!!

Also about Saw Palmetto… what’s the deal? Does it block DHT and estrogen? Are there any other good herbal blockers? Does Chrysin work? Thanks…

I’ve noticed when I was on vitex, I felt the effects wear out after five weeks. SO I had to take a couple weeks off and go back on it again. So in my opinion, I think you should cycle vitex. Experiment with your own cycles and see what works for you. Jagin, Saw Palmetto supposedly blocks DHT, but I haven’t heard anything about it blocking estrogen. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it as a DHT blocker. That’s because studies on this are mixed. If you badly need a DHT blocker, I suggest you use Proscar. About Chrysin, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not worth your money. If you don’t want your body producing estrogen, take arimidex or clomid. If you want to take the OTC versions instead, take tribex or vitex.

I’ve read that cycling any herbal remedy tends to restore its effectiveness because the body acclimates to its long term presence, but I get the feeling this is informed speculation rather than something supported by data. Besides, I would think whether the body acclimates depends on the active ingredient. Why should it matter that it occurs naturally as an herb matter? Aren’t many drugs that one can use continually originally discovered in herbs?

Regarding saw palmetto and chrysin, do a search on t-mag. I recall some articles discussing these a few months ago. The bottom line was that they don’t really work. I think saw palmetto might have some effect, but there were drawbacks, and chrysin flat out didn’t work in vitro, but don’t settle for my fading memory.