Hepcidin Suppression

Hepcidin is a hormone produced to shut down red blood cell production. The exogenous supplementation of testosterone will suppress hepcidin. When hepcidin is suppressed, red blood cell formation occurs non-stop. This is why exogenous steroids give results, aside from suppressing cortisol and doing all the other functions of testosterone.

I want to try hepcidin suppressing drugs precribed for anemia. My theory is any amount of hepcidin suppression, combined with right diet/training, will result in some gains.

Can Hepcidin suppression be achieved without the result of anabolic steroids, through the use of hepcidin specific suppressors?

I think you would be better off with mild doses of dbol/Tbol.

The short half lifes would allow it to be used in such a way as to limit long term surpression. And this would be much more effective as there is more factors in anemia than a single pathway that limits red cell production.