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Hepburn Method


Im trying to find out id anybody has had any success running the Hepburn 4-10 singles and triples method. If so how did you organize the training because i was thinking about squatting twice a week/ deadlifting once/ alternate bench and press each session? Thanks


I think the original one is 7 doubles 1 triple, then add a triple every workout until you’re at 8x3

mon.- bench/squat
thurs.-repeat monday
friday repeat tuesday


I am going to try a hepburn method myself starting monday. I will be going with a Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday split with Squat bench and weighted chins on monday/thurs and deadlift press and barbell rows on tues/fri. Everything will be 4x1 @ ~90% . Adding a rep every training session up to 10x1, then add weight and do it again. on squat days i will also do 6x3 after the rest of my singles, adding a rep each session up to 6x5 and press days i will do 6x3 press in the same manner.

I have to streamline the time spent in the gym and I like lifting heavy and I like slow and steady improvement. Do a search for a poster named twiceborn on these boards and read what he wrote. Hepburn himself gave him training advice at one point. My program is pretty similar to what Hepburn told Twiceborn to do.


I tried Hepburn training once and really liked it. If I remember right it is a program you do all year and for many years. I had Hepburn’s training books at one point. The progress is slow and solid but you can get damn strong if you stick with and are honest with your work. I didn’t stick with it for one reason or another but I may return to it again.


Twiceborn is on the over 35 forum and he’s very knowledgeable.


I liked the basic progression and rep scheme better than 5/3/1. I think it’s really good to do for 6 months to a year if you feel like your over complicating things and need to return to the basics.