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Hepburn Classic vs Layering: Which Would Be Best For Me Now?

Hello coach.I am 43 yo male,done a few years BB in my late teens until mid 20s, then on/off for some time,studies/stress/work and lack of motivation kept me away from the gym.I decided after 40 to get back, and go for strength programs.During the last 1 1/2 years I went from 6 months SL 5x5 to Greyskull LP, with good success, decided to try Madcow 5x5, it buried me, I could not recover at all, 3 months no progression.Since November I am on 5/3/1 with decent progression.
After reading your article about the Hepburn method I am intrigued about giving it a try.Judging by my profile and age,which one of the classic/layer approach I should start with?
Last, I’d hate to have you judge another program, but I read your fellow Canadian Coach Charles Poliquin article on a modified Hepburn program.
Do you think it is wise to train biceps/triceps like that? if yes, is it ok to pick CGBP for triceps, or you recommend not to?
I would really like to hear the coach’s opinion and of course the more experienced guys who have used the program.Thanks in advance.

I is almost impossible for me to tell you which program would be best for you. But one thing I know is that as we are getting older, muscle repair gets slower and slower so approaches including a high amount of heavy work might not be the best approach.