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Hepatitis from HCG?

My Endocrinologist wouldn’t prescribe me HCG. I said I would get it somewhere anyway. The doc said be careful of Hepatitis from HCG.

Found this son the net.

Best Answer: HCG ‘human chorionic gonadotropin’ is a hormone produced by the placenta in the first trimester of pregnancy, so it is possible to get a disease. I don’t know about herpes, but you CAN get hepatitis to even HIV from its use IF it comes from an unregulated company outside the United States, especially if the hGC is in vials made to be injected.

Some of the online pharmacies which are selling hCG is derived from animals (Cats & Rats) and comes from from China and India, etc. hCG that comes from the US is certified HIV free.

I cant see how a Chiropractor can prescribe these shots, as they can cause blood clots,hyper stimulated ovary’s {Think Kate Gosselin as Yes ,you can have multiples with HGC use… use the pill & condoms if your sexually active} and twisted ovary’s resulting in infertility.

The FDA has NOT approved of HGC for weight loss, its mainly used for infertility under the supervision of a Doctor. If any Doctor says its has been approved for weight loss, they’re liars.

As True HGC can only be bought with a doctors prescription be very careful.

I think the hGC is bringing on your flair ups, and you may have to quit using it.