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Hepatitis C

Anybody else read this discovered to be sexually transmitted?

Well, if it’s traismited by blood it can be trasmited sexually, isn’t it?


The Merck manual is a reliable source of medical information.


and the table here lists transmission as “uncommon”, so yes it is possible.

If this is personally relevant, then be very careful as Hep. C is a bad bug which can lead to cirrhosis, and liver cancer not to mention that people often feel weak and not right when they have it.

ScottL, STD journal said up to 40%, I think.


Thanks for the update. I should have been clearer. I did a quick search to verify that yes it was reasonably possible (which is what I kinda thought). If you read a journal article, then what you read may be more accurate or up to date then merck on how often it happens (then again one could do several studies and come up with several different numbers). But if the transmission rate is 5% or 40% the potential outcome of contracting hep. C is so severe that I would be very cautious (if this question relates to an actual person, rather then being of academic interest).


Hep C can be transmitted sexually but the occurrance is rare.It appears that I have had it for aprox.35 years,I gone through the tratment and the virus is undetectable,it caused cirrhossis of my liver.But to get back to the original question,it’s rare,I’ve been married 34 years and my wife never contracted it.If you have multiple partners,a condom is definetly a must.