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Hepatitis C

Looking for some answers on supplementaton effect on someone with hepatitis C. My dad has been diagnosed with this condition, and recently his health has gone downhill. Mostly, loss of well-being and muscle mass. I am positive low testosterone is a major factor. Many thanks for any replys to this post.

I hope I can be of help to you. I have battled Hep C on and off for 11 yrs now. Some of my greatest allies were and still are: clear fruit juices, as natural as you can get them or afford them, also cranberry juice. If he is currrently taking some form of interferone or combo therapy he is probrable becomming anemic. If he likes rasins tell him to eat oatmeal with a lot of rasins. (For those of you who never had the to deal with hep C the meds make you feel like the worst flu you ever and live like that for months on end, not nice.) If his appitite is still good, tried to keep a balanced diet and took lots of vitamin E. A really good multivitamin, not from wallmart, would help greatly. I would love to try to inform you on supplements but I have ony started experimenting with them myself and with no health coverage anymore I am careful. I have learned to listen to my body, in my eating habits, sleeping habits and supplements. Some help some don’t. Only he can tell you what feels right. The nuber one thing for your Dad is WATER WATER WATER. He will dehydrate fast. So throw out any soda, High sugar drinks and stick with friut juice, some power drinks and water. I hope this helps.