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Hepatitis Again


..i'm recovering from a second bout of hepatitis this year. Last summer the doctors ruled out viral and bacterial infection, and a ultra sonic scan ruled out the truly serious options. Get back in the gym in september and october, but felt the symptoms appearing early november...

..altough there's a MRI scan in december scheduled, i don't think that will offer a conclusive diagnosis. I think that i'm suffering from a stress-induced form of hepatitis that is related to the use of a lot of supps, protein and milkproducts. But that is basically clinging at straws, and i want to know if any of you encountered this and if there's validity in foodintake and supp use leading to hepatitis?

..keep in mind, i've experimented with Lr3IGF1 for 20 days in march, but that shouldn't be a factor this late in the year. Thoughts and input is appreciated...


which one a,b or c


Not to nitpick and go off-topic, but at 6'-4" and 164lbs how many supplements, protein, and milk products could you possibly be taking in that you would think they could cause hepatitis?

I would say your problem is somehow related to you having the physique of a broomstick.


..it's neither a,b or c and a typo shouldn't be a problem if my weight in kilograms is right next to it [264lbs]. To answer your question though: 6 or 7 supps daily, 2,5 lbs of cottage cheese and 1 lbs of yoghurt a day next to my normal food intake. No alcohol or drugs, just heavy lifting. This is disrupting my life and i need to find out what's causing this to prevent it in the future...


Most of us can't magically convert kg to lbs just by looking at it. I still say it's not the food or lifting. All of us do that on here (well most of us) and don't have the same problems.

It is unlikely you will get your problem solved with this internet forum. It's good you are seeing doctors. But it sounds like they are chasing their tails. Just keep after them and it should eventually work it's way out. Also- if it's not a, b, or c- how is it even hepatitis? Are you sure that you have actually been diagnosed or are you just guessing because the symptoms are similar?


well then you dont have hepatitis if its not a,b or c you might have some other immune disease


True. If you came up negative for Hep A, B, C, D or even Hep E then it's not Hepatitis. Check out the CDC's page on it: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/diseases/hepatitis/index.htm .


There is such thing as Hep F. Supposedly it's only found in France. Been there lately?


IANAD, but I think there's been some miscommunication in this thread. It seems like the word hepatitis can have two meanings.

The first, and most common, is a viral infection that can be of several types (from A-E and maybe F). But, in itself, the word hepatitis can simply mean an inflammation of the liver (hepa being liver and -itis meaning inflammation).

Doing a quick websearch turned up alcoholic and autoimmune hepatitis, neither of which are viral. I think what the OP is trying to say is that he has a non-viral inflammation of the liver of unknown cause. So, asking him which virus is causing it isn't relevant to what he's asking about.


I have read that you can induce hepatitis from overtaxing your liver with certain things. Specifically, I read that this happened with someone taking kava kava (an herb used for relaxation/anxiety)for about three months. I don't remember if this was a scientific article or not so not sure of the validity. But definitely as other posts said, push your doctor to do more for you.


I had symptoms of Hepatitis, which was not caused by a virus or a bacteria.
What cause my hep was a tumor that blocked my bile duct and caused the bile to escape back into the liver and cause the same effect as hepatitis.

my doctor did a tumor marker test (ca 19-9) and it came back total clean. however because the worry of loosing my liver and the itching. I told my doctor that i wanted a liver biopsy.

so they do a CT scan before they stick a hollow needle into your liver, so that they don't puncture your bile tree. well when they did this they saw my bile duct was swollen. so they did a MRI and that's when they found the tumor in the bifucation(fork that connnects to the two lobes of the liver).

and that was 3 years ago. the only cure is surgery and that's if it can be removed.


Hi all!

Hepatitis (A-F) is an inflammation of the liver.
This can be the result of the Hepatitis virus A-G infection or by some until now unknown virus.
It can occur in relation to:
Mononucleosis, Cytomegalovirus, Yellow fever
due to Coxsackie-, Arbo- or Arena-viruses

It can occur together with bacteria like Brucellosis, Leptospirosis & typhus abdominalis.

I can occur together with parasites like Malaria, Amoebiasis, Schistosomiasis or perhaps Echinococcus.

It can be the result of a tumor or of a autoimmunologic problem as well as due to a metabolic disorder.
(found in: Pschyrembel, Klinisches W?rerbuch, 259. ed.)

Said all this, I'd be curious about the concrete symptoms?


[quote]ephrem wrote:
..i'm recovering from a second bout of hepatitis this year.

Get ahold of this guy:

Lloyyd Wright

When all else fails, he may be able to help you. This guy was one of my customers and lives in Malibu, CA. That's how I know about him.

Hope this helps.


..thank you for those more leavelheaded responses. I've been in hospital the past two weeks, for testing and a MRI, which came up clean. They did a liver biopsy on friday and i'll get the diagnosis on thursday probably.

When i was admitted, my bloodcount of the yellow waste dumped by the liver was 900; 17 is normal. That went down to 700 but rose slightly again, increasing fatigue. Was allowed to go home for the weekend, but will have to go back into hospital tonight for a third week, which sucks...