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Henry's Training Journal


Hey guys heres what I did this week and I'm going to stay on this program for a while. My goal is to lean up and cut back to 185 while maintaining strength (it would be great if i added some but we'll see) This approach is off the War Room Strategies to Maximize fat loss article with some changes... http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1499282.
Going to be lifting real heavy and running. by the way this is going to be my training journal...heres my goals and what I have done so far this week:

Stats as of now:

Weight- 202 pounds
Height- 6"1 and half
Body Fat- roughly 13%
Bench max- 230
3rm Box Squat- 225
Squat 1rm- maybe 245 or something?

Goals by Jan. 1, 2008

Weight- 185 pounds
Body Fat- 8-9%
Bench Max- 245
3rm box squat-245
squat 1rm- 260

Monday-Heavy Lower body with some upper

-Box Squat at 90% 1rm ( 5 lifts )
-RDL 4x6 (185-190 pounds)
-Bench press 3x3
-Lunges 3x8 each leg


-100 jump shots
-Lactic inducing workout 1
-20 minutes of steady cardio


-Basketball practice
-Sprint intervals ( 60 sec jog, 30 sec fast x5)

and this is how thursday will look like...

Thursday -Heavy Upper Body

-100 jumpers

-Bench press at 90% 1rm (5 lifts)
-DB Bench press 4x8
-Bent over Rows 4x6
-I dont know about this but would pull ups work?


4:00 in the morning training

-5x 3 cone drill
-3x illinois drill

-6x 30 yard sprints
-4x 60 yard sprints

-Lactic Inducing workout 2

Hows it look ?