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Henry Thomason Squat Record


Did anyone hear about Henry Thomason breaking the single ply squat record this weekend. 1058 lbs! I wasn 't able to find a video yet, but he trains at my gym and my coach went with Henry to the meet. Apparently he tried for 1100 but didn't quite hit depth. If anyone can find a video, please post it.



That's disappointing. I was really hoping Henry's 1058 would leave no doubt about depth as most of his training videos seemed to. Unfortunately, the 1058 looks high and the camera angle seems like about the best you could reasonably hope to get.


Still impressive and it was walked out


I thought the same thing when watching the video. Apparently one judge agreed, since he red-lighted almost every squat after the openers.


Another view...


Thats just ridiculous and not in a good way


I had a long post typed out, but I've changed my mind about putting it up. Let's just leave it at the fact that the direction the USPA seems to be taking makes me sad.


Since I shot the second video, I'll weigh in and say that the squats were actually pretty good. It's always hard to fully capture that on video even when you have a lot of experience shooting them. I'm not a USPA booster by any stretch, btw. If any of Bernor's squats or the one that Cartwright actually got down and up with had passed, I'd say you guys had a point.

In my opinion, Alan Best's first two squats were good in person. The third was clearly higher and it didn't pass. Henry's first two were clearly good in person. The third was higher and I feel like I would have needed to be in the judge's chair to really be sure. The fourth was higher still but I think it's only a matter of time before he makes that squat. He moves the weight with so much confidence.


I'll limit my comments to Henry's third squat. To my eye, it looks clearly high in the first video that was shot. It would have passed in the APF, the HighPA or some of the other double-ply feds that choose to interpret the rules regarding squat depth differently than the single ply feds typically do.

I've attended tons of Steve's meets over the years and based on past judging standards, that third squat shouldn't have passed. I don't think Steve's trying to turn the USPA into the APF for single ply lifters. Here's to hoping the judging tightens up a bit in the future and Steve continues to provide a large stage for lifters who want to go nuts in single ply gear.


The bar speed on Henry's 1058 was ridiculous! Unless Titan's Centurion suit has THAT much stopping power, I can not understand why He didn't try for another inch or 2.