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Henry Rollins Rules

Henry Rollins is coming to Iowa State again this year, 9pm next Friday the 9th. Everyone should attend as he is a thought provoking and entertaining, kick ass speaker.

Henry, if you’re out there, please forsake the accomodations the lecture committee no doubt made for you and stay at my apartment. I have a pull up bar, beer and loads of protein foods.

Mr. Rollins don’t drink.

yeah bro i think he lives on coffee and canned tuna.

If you get the chance to chat with him, tell him to check out T-Nation. Let him know there’s alot of his fans here.

Rollins is quite a powerful writer, and I can only imagine what he is like in person. Lucky you. And nice avitar(sp?)

He’s actually a Nick Cave fan. That gained my respect. Just curious, how old is Rollins?

Yes he does–Check out the avitar!!

[quote]nolecat wrote:
Just curious, how old is Rollins?[/quote]

He’s 44. His website is his birthday, 21361.com How’s that for random, slightly clever, info.

I love Rollins. He’s one hardcore, driven AND intelligent bastard. Got him as my avatar on an auto-related forum.

In fact, he’s now my avatar at “the Nation” too.

Yes he does–Check out the avitar!![/quote]

Hey, LIFTICVSMAXIMVS…Just took a closer look at that avatar…I’m digging that.

I just saw him tonight at Lawernce, KS. This is the second time I have seen him speak, I’ve seen his musical act two times as well.
The man is an inspiration. 44 years old, and besides a little more grey (he now wears grey slacks and t-shirts to match his hair, he says), he looks the same as he did 10 years ago.
He spoke for three solid hours, no pauses, no hemming and hawwing, no umms, not even a sip of water.
Like him or not (how could you not?) he is one hell of a performer. The ability to capture an audience for that amount of time, with no special effects, no music, no distractions, no notes, just one man and a microphone, is a talent rarely seen today.
He is truly a T-man. Not just because he lifts, and his work ethic, but his entire attitude. Iron Mind, Iron Body. Never quit, always strive to better yourself. Be humble, be accountable, do the right thing.
Honestly, I never thought he was a great musician, and although the raw anger and agression is his music was, to me, earth shaking, it was little more than just yelling. But his speaking, it is articulate, insightful, emotional, humoreous and thoroughly entertaining.
To all who read this and have seen/heard his shows, I am sure you agree. For those who have not seen him, make it a point to do so at least once in your life and I promise you will be glad you did.