Henry Rollins Man Test

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Stumbled across these videos today, and they’re freaking great! Some Brit psychoanalyzing him for masculine/feminine traits or whatnot.

“If I was a woman, I’d want a man who would listen to me, not hit me, be smart, know about poetry and literature, not be this guy with his knuckles scraping the ground, some drooling Neanderthal. I’d want an articulate, sensitive man… who could WHOOP THAT ASS!”

lol that’s exactly the man I want to be.

Who would you rather be: Einstein, Ghandi, John Lennon, Bill Gates or Muhammad Ali?


Rollins picks Ali
“Einstein hung around intellectuals all day, Lennon got shot in the head, Gates thinks about computers too much… Ghandi drank his own piss. I’m going with Ali.”

Rollins has always been a favorite.

He’s an inspiring dude. Hearing how bigoted his father was, how counter-racism and violence affected him as a kid in D.C. in the 60’s, and how he used lifting weights as a realization of his potential really makes me respect even more how in spite of his own damage he managed to work something creative and productive in his life.

Plus, Rollins has a pretty thick neck.

seen some recent videos and he’s looking older and less massive lately, but still looking better than others at his age

Did you catch his acting in SOA last season? Or the one before? It was a little one dimensional, but still enjoyable.
He is getting older…

Didn’t catch him on SOA, but I do like that series. He gets typecasted in the aggressive male roles, but that’s kinda what he is, so no biggie to me. Like he says in the video above he’s just looking for work!

Don’t know what to think of that psychological analysis, but I enjoyed the interview. His interviews are always good, actually. I saw him speak a few years ago and during 3+ hours of his ramblings not once did I get bored.

Henry Garfield FTMFW!

I saw Henry roughly a month and a half ago…for anyone who hasn’t, even if spoken word isn’t your thing I highly suggest you take in one of his shows if they come to your town. He didn’t take a single drink of water for two and a half hours, never stopped to catch his breath, and never lost the crowd.

The day this man passes is going to be a truly sad day.

I love that video where he berates some girl for something. I think she was being ignorant about something in some coffee shop where he was filing an interview…can anyone help me out here?

Good call, Nards.

Thanks for finding it!

he looks familiar, but WTF is he? am I the only one that doesn’t know

I am fond of an “Open Letter to Ann Coulter”

A personal favorite:

Quality videos, thanks guys.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
he looks familiar, but WTF is he? am I the only one that doesn’t know[/quote]

could be, homeboy

Hes a punk rock musician, poet, writer, actor, spoken word performer, talk show host. Modern Renaissance man.