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Henry Rollins fans!!

Hey all…I’m really getting into Rollins Band and I’m looking for some good songs to download for a workout mix. I’ve already heard “Liar,” “Low Self-Opinion” and my favorite so far, “Illumination.” Any other suggestions? Thanx.

Shame, and Rejection, On My Way To The Cage from the Come In And Burn album.

Hmmm. Well I copied the whole “Weight” album to MD for use in the gym. Actually I have Henry Rollins “Weight” Slayer “Reign in Blood” and N.O.L.A “Down” and Widowmaker “Stand by for Pain” on one MD. Just put it on shuffle repeat and im good to go.

The entire Weight album. He changed bands after Come In And Burn. The new band’s not as good. The newer songs are still cool, just not as well performed.

Rollins is the man, I have all of his cds, Its great lifting music. Buy the cd The End Of Silance. Some other good ones are “Shine”, “What have I Got”, “Tearing me apart”. “One Shot”,

Why waste time… just download all of his tunes from his Black Flag days.

BLACK FLAG, nuff said.

Black Flag is the shit. T.V party tonight!!

I’ve heard TV Party (the only Black Flag song I’ve heard)…it’s alright but I like the more aggressive stuff though. Some of the stuff from that era is really good like “Coup de etat” by Circle Jerks and some of Suicidal’s old stuff. I definitely second the motion on Reign in Blood…my all time favorite workout CD song for song. Between that and Rage’s first album it gets no better. Never heard N.O.L.A…what type of music is that? Widowmaker sounds familiar…is that the band w. the lead singer from WASP?


Thanks rubberman…that was pretty f-in’ cool.