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Henry Louis Gates Arrested & Obama's Reaction


Just looking for some opinions here to start a conversation.

and if you're unaware of what I'm talking about here are some links to explain.



Personally, I think its a tad ridiculous that he even brought it up in a national press conference, its something that should of been handled on a local level. Just looking for some opinions here...


Why is this news?

That makes even less sense than making threads about it as if it means that much.


It's news because it was a white cop and a prominent black man drew the race card.


Sir, we try to keep the GAL forums clear of In-depth discussion, liberal bullshit, or conservative stupidity. That's what the Politics and World issue forum is for.

If you want to post pictures of hot chicks, explosions, or guns, then GAL is the place for you.


Not sure if I'm correct here (if not someone correct me), but I'm pretty sure he was answering a question when he talked about it at the press conference.








Last one wins.


I like how it got moved to the politics forum NOW, after any discussion had been stifled by pics of hot girls. Not that there was much in this thread to begin with.


I tried, but couldn't find any pictures of hot chicks and explosions...

I am ashamed of myself.


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