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Henrietta Hughes Gets House



It seems like this poor old lady waited patietly to beg at the feet of the anoited one, the savior BHO. Did ACORN, Jeese Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, or even BHO help her out? No. A white republican however did. Isnt that ironic? :


so are you arguing the govn't should give everyone houses for free?

or that NGO's and community organizers not associated with low income housing projects should be required to do so simply because of skin color?

how is it ironic that a white republican helped her?


Repubs are are supposed the be racist, and hate poor people.
Dems are supposed to be all about the poor and minorities but it was a white republicans wife that came to her aid.


Reading those comments at huffpoo makes my head hurt.

Anyway, I remember Limbaugh actually calling this one, only he said that Oprah would be the one to give Hughes a house. Even that guy that worked at McDonalds who asked Obama to raise his unemployment got a new job.


Yeah I'm no fan of the Huffmeister either, I just thought that it was interesting they just couldnt show that that lady who gave the house away was a republican.

People are groveling at the feet of "the great one" and he isnt giving anybody anything. They worship him like he's a god. I can't believe it.




Maybe if Ms. Hughes, her son, and that Julio Osegueda guy all roomed together in that $400 a MONTH apartment they could all work and save and get real jobs.
Anyway I think you may find this kinda funny:


I wonder what was in her storage shed.


Dead link.