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Hendo's Next UFC Fight?


Anyone heard if/when Hendo will fight in the UFC again?


17th of jan. Hes fighting Franklin at 205 in Dublin


should be a great fight


I agree! This should be a really good fight. Two very classy tough fighters. These guys are both true champs and should be fun to watch.


I can't see how Hendo loses this one. Great chin and killer right hand. Should win in the clinch and should be able to take Rich down.

Tough to ko and tough to submit with a nasty right hand make for a tough apponent. Rich is certainly more technical but can't see him KOing Hendo. Could win by decision I guess.


Yep, I agree, Hendo is a favorite here. Dan is such a tough guy, I really don't see Rich's Muay Thai as being effective against him. I am really excited to watch this as I think it's been a long time coming.