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Hendo v. Fedor


^ thank you, my friend.


It was also Anderson Silva, that guy who finished Forrest off with a jab. That shot that hurt Dan in the Silva fight wasn't the only power shot that connected.


I feel bad for Rich Franklin, he is a top guy and everyone considers him a middle packer since AS and getting robbed by Hendo.

It's a shame that the overhyped Belfort caught him.


I'm am among those polarized by Fedor.

I think he is a can crushing pussy. He ducked Lesnar. Even though the hype around Lesnar is gone, he was too scared to be the one to bust it.


lol a comedian. He ducked a guy who had like 3 fights under his belt when he was available to go to the UFC? I didn't know when you're universally renowned as the greatest HW of all time you need to prove yourself to basically rookies in the sport.

And a pussy? Is that you, Brock?


I loved BJ phrase about Fedor, the journalist asked something along the lines if he thought Fedor had dropped on rankings and he just answered:

"There should be no rankings for a legend like Fedor."

First time BJ got my respect.


It's funny you say that. There are numerous videos of dozens of actual fighters, many of them high level guys and champions or former champions that say how great of a fighter Fedor is. When you get acknowledged by your peers, that really means something.


I think it's safe to say Fedor slowed down a little (a lot) at the end, and it's a shame he didn't sign with the UFC back when the HW division was just picking up. But to say he's a can crusher is fucking ridiculous. The dude was fighting guys like Nog, and Crocop in their FUCKING PRIMES, and he did it back when they were the very BEST of their division.

This sport has lasted, what? 18 years. 20? Fedor has been fighting for about 10. And those 10 years have brought with it more evolution than most sports see in half a century.

Most guys that say Fedor is a can crusher weren't fans back in the early 00s. No knock on guys like Enray, they just don't share the same perspective the older fans do.


None taken, I was 8 in 2000 lol


I've only seen Fedor fight a few times - only really get the UFC here in the UK. From what i've seen (vs Arlovski) and a couple of others he was a force to be reckoned with. However, given the popularity of the UFC and the calibre of fighters in the UFC i think he did himself a diservice by never coming over and at least having 2-3 fights to really show the world who the best heavy weight was.

I think its a bit late now unfortunately with beasts like Cain in the UFC and not that i saw the fight but if Fedor is losing to guys like Werdum who was only ever a second rate fighter in the UFC it sounds like he's very much on the decline.


Ah, that's your problem. You were raised in the "TUF" generation. Go pick up the Pride 2000 Grand Prix set.

Here's what I meant before:


Cain is a good fighter, I will give you that. I admire his work ethic and he always comes to fight. But honestly his accomplishments so far are overrated. If Fedor's last few wins were Ben Rothwell, Cheick Kongo (who can't even beat a guy like travis browne) and Brock Lesnar, people would say he is a can crusher and not fighting guys like Overeem. He also beat a way past his prime Nog. Honestly, that's his best win so far. Until he dropped out of the JDS fight, Lesnar was probably going to be 5-3 and done in the sport.

I think most of the guys in the SF Grand Prix would give Cain a fight. Overeem, Sergei, Bigfoot and Barnett would all give him major problems.

Laughing at the video of Couture before the Werdum fight saying Fedor needed to step up the competition. I guess a 205lb, 44 year old Mark Coleman and James Toney weren't available.


haha true about Couture - i think he got exposed against Machida! what a finish eh!!
i hear what your saying. Although i dont think much of big foot, seen him fight a couple of times and cant say i was impressed. really dont know much about the others so cant really comment. So do you reckon that overall the Heavy weights in strike force are better than the UFC??


i think the heavyweights in Pride and Strikeforce tend to be more like Fedor....overall more athletic but not as massive. i suppose with the 10 minute rounds, then you can't carry 290lbs of muscle.

with that being said, i don't think a lot of those guys can compete in the UFC with most of the UFC's heavyweights, due to shorter rounds, cage, etc. Cain is kind of an anomoly, IMO, or maybe the first well-rounded UFC HW champ we've seen....


Simply the biggest fight to ever happen on MMA

Fedor VS Crocop on 2006, my favorite fight ever.

Fedor beat Crocop on his own game.


I agree with what cyco says to an extent. Notice that most of the SF guys are guys that also fought in Pride at one point. The different rule set and fighting in a ring changed the game. I believe under Japanese and Brazilian rules you were forced to be more aggressive. You couldn't lay and pray as guys do in the UFC now to win a fight.

Strikers had an advantage due to kicks and knees due a downed opponent. Takedowns had less value and you weren't able to win a round by pushing a guy against the cage and just holding him there. Yellow cards for stalling, more frequent standups, the list goes on and on. As far as the actual rules of mma go, I think the sport has devolved.

All other sports have changed the rules over the years to make the game more exciting and usually faster-paced. Forward pass in football evolved to less contact on the receivers opening up the passing game. The shot clock in basketball and a crackdown on hand checking. Meanwhile, mma under the Unified Rules continues to take away weapons for a fighter to finish a fight. Just my opinion, but that could be another thread in itself.


And btw, I don't think Randy got exposed. He was at the end what he always was. A guy with limited striking skills who would get in your face, clinch , dirty box, bully you against the fence etc. But when he ran into guys who had good takedown defense and good striking, the results were brutal (see the second and third Liddell fights, the Machida fight, Barnett etc.)


Just watched this fight the other morning. I have the three disc Grand Prix where Shogun won. And I believe it was 2005.

Those were the days.


I was fortunate enough to watch Pride in the early days. I remember my brother first showing me videos of Fedor back in 2004 and 2005. "This pudgy Russian guy" who demolished everyone. Many like to think of the U.S. on the cutting edge of trends, but in actuality MMA was mainstream in other parts of the world much earlier. Fedor has been a superstar in Asia and Europe for years. He even met with Vladimir Putin; you won't see the UFC HW champ hanging with Obama any time soon.


If you wanna see one the best Pride for lightweights watch Pride Bushido 9