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Hendo v. Fedor


what the?


this is no-win for Fedor....and doesn't really help Hendo's career, either. i guess they just wanna fight each other, and that's it...


Well, I hope they fight at a 210-220 at least, Fedor needs to fight guys his size and Hendo is very comfortable at LHW so maybe this could be an interesting fight.


This was going around on Suretard yesterday. Coker said a few weeks ago Fedor was fighting an unnamed opponent in July. I'd pay to see this matchup.


I think it's a GREAT move for both.

I love both guys so i would really like to go to a bloody draw.


As a Fedor fan, I have realized by trolling certain unnamed MMA forums that he will never win in the eyes of his detractors. Say he beat Bigfoot Silva, people would just say he beat a can or inferior competition or he was ducking Overeem etc, even though a win for Fedor would have lined up either Overeem or a Werdum rematch. Fedor can fight BJJ blackbelts who outweigh him by probably 50 lbs on fight night, but when he fights a guy he might have 10lbs on on fight night, and he trying to "stack the deck in his favor." It's ridiculous. Not saying you were implying that, just my observation on how he seems to be viewed these days.


well, i think Werdum did a hell of a job, as did Silva....as far as this matchup, i just don't see it helping Fedor's career long-term, if he's looking for a title. Hendo's a tough dude, but he's obviously in the twilight of his career, and not a natural heavyweight.

and for Hendo, he's fighting Fedor, who's a small heavyweight and not a title holder and another guy who's career might have passed him by as well.

not saying either guys suck or it won't be an interesting fight to the fans-just that it really isn't relevant to anyone's rankings or short/long term career title goals....


That's basically what I was saying. I just meant that no matter who Fedor beats now anyway, the detractors will always find a way to discredit his win. Let's say Fedor beat an Overeem (which as Fedor fan I find that doubtful even now), people would say Overeem was an overrated HW who never beat a legit top 10 guy, latter part of which is true. I think even if he could beat Lesnar people would gripe. I see on Sherdog people's attitudes drastically changed after his beatdown at the hands of Cain.

When all is said and done, I guess all that matters for both guys at this stage of their careers is to get paid well. Both are legends of the sport and it should be a good fight.


I think both would do a nice damage on their weight classes at the UFC


Fedor still at HW in the UFC?


On another note, I would LOVE to see what Fedor could do if he got a top notch S&C coach and a high level jui-jitsu guy. I understand he believes his sambo is enough, but his last two fights have proved otherwise. I believe it is never too late to add new wrinkles to one's game.


Both are over the hill but still close enough to their prime to make it intriguing.


Video of Fedor from 2006 I had never seen before.


good video! it's cool to see him having fun up there with his brother....

as far as your previous pot, i agree wholeheartedly. if he could reinvent himself, i think we could see a new level of dominance from him. if not, well, we'll see the same...


HW and LHW


the first thing i thought of when i heart this fight was taking place was "damm, fedor has sunk this low, they are having him fight a light heavyweight" this is a hugeee step down for fedor. last i heard though, Fedor is in Holland training his stand up. thats where he went to train when he was fighting cro cop. this should be, i say should be, but who knows with fedor now a days. like i said, fedor should be able to get rid of henderson in 1 round quite easily. Then hopefully, fedor can fight a more respectable opponent in his own weight class. unfortunately, until this strikeforce tournement is over, hes going to be on the sidelines.


Dude you are talking like Dan Henderson is a Brock Lesnar in this sport, Hendo is a legend.

They will make a HUGE fight, Hendo has never been K.O.ed the guy is a monster.


lol not a Lesnar fan eh? One thing Fedor and him have in common among fans is that they are both polarizing figures. On forums Fedor is either the greatest or an overrated can crusher, and Lesnar is seen as an unstoppable force or an overhyped bum. I find it funny though that the UFC hyped Lesnar as the "Baddest Man on the Planet" after only 6 fights. Yet Fedor's legacy is questioned when he ruled the HW division for nearly a decade with more than 30 fights.

I like Hendo as well, but I am rooting for Fedor. He needs a win to get back on track and get his confidence back. Not to bash Hendo, but he has basically become a one dimensional fighter who loads up on his big right hand. He used his wrestling though in the Feijao fight when he got hurt. I think grappling wise Fedor is still too explosive and strong on the ground for Hendo. Plus he is used to dealing with bigger guys. Should be an interesting fight though. Neither will take the other fighter lightly.


I think the most of this epic battle will unfold on the ground and i hope for a big DRAW, i would like neither one to lose, but if i have to choose it would be Hendo, he is on a good streak and Fedor really needs the wins so people would stop talking bs about him.

I expect some standup brawl like Fujita VS Fedor, Haymaker against Haymaker, pure bar brawl fest.


never been ko'd, lol. have you seen the fight against anderson silva. yes, silva won by submission, but not before silva knocked him around and to his ass, then silva got him in the submission, but not before hurting him badly on the feet.


And that isn't a KO.